Dance in Canada Association (DICA) (VF: 107.2009-0-1; IAR; RR: D21; OS)
National service organization for professional dance in Canada 1972-1989
Individual, company and organization information files; membership/magazine information files; reports “Dancing in the Dark,” “Dance Vision” and “Current Members”; federal, provincial and municipal grant applications; Board of Directors minutes and files; AGM minutes; charitable information; full run of Dance in Canada magazine (1973-1989); photographs submitted to Dance in Canada magazine; business files; Dance Manager’s Handbook, Dancer’s Survival Manual and Handbook for Cultural Trustees, all published by DICA; by-laws and corporate files; financial information

Index to Dance in Canada Magazine, Issue #1, 1973 – Issue #48, 1986
Renegade Bodies: Canadian Dance in the 1970s: “Challenging the Establishment: Advocacy and Infighting in the Dance in Canada Association” by Katherine Cornell

Issue 24

The Dance Centre (VF: 609.2014-0-1)
Vancouver-based resource centre, presenter and venue founded in 1986
Publicity materials

Dance Education (VF: 503.2013-0-1)
Materials on dance educators
Correspondence; tributes to Sheila Stanley and Rose Hill

Dance Fuzion (VF: 610.2014-0-1)
Dance convention founded by Annie Wood
Publicity materials

Dance Immersion (VF: 105.2009-0-1)
Dance presenting organization founded in 1994 by dancer and choreographer Vivine Scarlett to address the lack of presentation, skill development and networking opportunities for dance artists of African descent
Program from International Association of Blacks in Dance (IABD) Conference January 18-21, 2007; correspondence
See also Vivine Scarlett

Dance Magazine (OAR)
American magazine
Various listings and articles regarding Canadian dance 1924, 1929, 1930 (PC); program (excerpts) for Fantastic Extravaganza 1915 (PC); holdings: c. 1925-1940

Dance Manitoba (VF: 096.2009-0-1)
Manitoba-based service organization
Memorial information about Daphne and Ted Korol; publicity materials; newsletters

Dance News (RR)
Founder/Editor Lawrence Adams (1996-1997)
A subscription-based Canadian dance publication; full set

Full Set

Dance Nova Scotia (VF: 106.2009-0-1))
Service organization for the Nova Scotia dance community based in Halifax, founded in 1974
Correspondence; copy of exerpts from A Cape Breton Ceilidh from Dianne Milligan (PC); newsletters

Dance Ontario (Finding Aid: VF; OS)
Founded in 1976 as a regional arm to Dance in Canada Association, a service organization that aims to promote and support the advancement of all forms of dance in Canada, and in particular, dance in the province of Ontario
Business files (O); member files and directories; Toronto Dance Umbrella files; Dance in Canada Newsletters; newspaper clippings (O); photographs

Dance Umbrella of Ontario Press Kits (OS)
Non-profit, non-membership-based organization that provides administrative support to the Ontario dance community founded in 1988
Press kits for: Kokoro Dance 1995; INDE 1988; Twirling Thespians (Kim Frank, choreographer), 1991; Bill Coleman and His North American Experience, Zorro, 1989; YMI Dancing, 1992; Reaching Beyond, Ilka Doubek/Cylla von Tiedemann, 1992; Conrad Alexandrowicz Theatrical Dance; Harvey Meller Dancecorps, 1993; Andrea Smith, 1990; Niharika Mohanty, 1996; Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers, 1992; Tom Stroud, 1988; Lee Anne Smith; Knocking at the Dragon’s Door, dances by Smith and Soble, 1992; Gina Lori Riley Dance Enterprise, 1991; Dance Continuum, 1992/93; Sylvie Bouchard and Katherine Labelle, 1995; The Glass Orchestra, 1989; Alberta Ballet, 1992/93; Elizabeth Chitty, c. 1989; William Douglas, 1991; INDE ’92: A Festival of New Dance and New Music Collaboration; Terrill Maguire, 1989; house programs and promotional materials for various Canadian dance artists; essay “Dance and the Deaf” by Jeffrey Baker

DanceHouse (VF: 611.2014-0-1)
Vancouver-based presenting organization founded in 2008
Publicity materials

Dancemakers (VF: 095.2009-0-1; OS)
Toronto-based contemporary dance company founded in 1974
Newspaper clippings (O&PC)); administrative records; artistic and performance records; programs; photographs; publicity materials; posters; video

ETDC/EDTC: “Dancemakers” by Amy Bowring

Issues 43 (re: 1976 Toronto Modern Dance Festival); 49 (re: James Kudelka’s Unfinished Business for Dancemakers), 73

Dancers for Life (VF: 532.2013-0-1)
House programs 1988

Dancer Transition Resource Centre (VF: 097.2009-0-1; IAR)
Founded in 1985 by Joysanne Sidimus to aid dance artists with transitions within and beyond performing careers
Board and conference bios 1991; books published by DTRC (see Book and Oral History Collections)

Dances For A Small Stage (VF: 533.2013-0-1)
Founded by Laura Taler, Toronto, Ontario, 1990s; brought to the West Coast by MovEnt
The Dances For A Small Stage yearbook (January 1, 1991 – April 3, 1996); house programs; publicity card

DanceWorks (IAR: Finding Aid and 325.2013-1-1 through 325.2013-1-3; OS)
Toronto-based presenter of independent dance founded in 1977
Videotape catalogue; videotapes; business records; photographs; slides; negatives

Issue 64

Dancing on the Edge Festival (VF: 534.2013-0-1)
Vancouer-baed festival founded by Firehall Theatre Society (1988)
Publicity materials

Danielle, Charles Henry (VF: 098.2009-0-1)
Born: 1830, Baltimore, Maryland; Died: 1902, St. John’s, Newfoundland
Teacher; actor; costumier; restaurateur
Encyclopedia articles (PC); newspaper clippings (PC); photographs (re-photographed originals)

Issue 51

Danse-Actuelle (VF: 031.2008-0-1)
Performance event in Quebec
Donated by Fabienne Bilodeau
Poster for A La Chambre Blanche 1980; correspondence

Danse Danse (VF: 535.2013-0-1)
Montreal-based presenting organization
Publicity materials; newsletters

Darius, Adam (VF: 099.2009-0-1)
Choreographer c.1950s
Photograph (O)

Darroch, Murray (VF; CR)
Born: 1954; Died: 2005
Regarding tribute show (December 5, 2005): program; press release; correspondence
Donated by Jane McLeod: album containing hand-coloured photographs of Murray Darroch’s In Just Spring photographed by Linda Corbett

Davies, Hylda (Nelson) (VF: 101.2009-0-1)
Born: June 11, 1897, Folkstone, England; Died: 1988, Kelowna, British Columbia
Dancer; teacher; choreographer; founder of Madame Hylda Dancers in Halifax, 1925
House programs (PC); photographs; negatives

ETDC/EDTC: “Hylda Davies” by Pat Richards
Canadian Dance: Visions and Stories: “Dance and the Outsiders: Ballet and Modern Dance Companies in Nova Scotia” by Pat Richards

Issues 6, 31

Davis, Vera (VF: 536.2013-0-1; RR: C2)
Born: November 2, 1926, Grodno, Poland; Died: January 28, 2009, Toronto, Ontario
Modern dancer with New Dance Theatre 1949-1955; teacher; choreographer; researcher; producer
Personal correspondence; reviews MIMESIS (Davis’s 1970 Kabuki company (PC); house programs (O&PC); CVs 1978, 1987 (PC); letter of recommendation; photographs (O); costume sketches for Nancy Lima Dent’s Lysistrata by Leah Lieberman 1953 (O); certificate of Canadian citizenship (PC); biographical notes; tribute to Davis from Dance Ontario Awards by David Booth; invitation to Dance Ontario Award 1994; brochures and promotional materials obituaries)

Issue 38

ENCORE! ENORE! Exhibition: “Nancy Lima Dent: A Woman Ahead of Her Time” curated by Amy Bowring

DCD Research (VF: 612.2014-0-1, 612.2014-0-2, 612.2014-0-3)
Clippings (PC) from the Toronto Daily Star covering dance and theatrical events in Toronto and surrounding areas in the year 1900 (compiled by Susan Walker for DCD)

Del Rio, Sonia (EA; VF: 318.2013-0-1)
Dancer; teacher
Photos; newspaper clippings ; house programs; documents regarding L’Ordre royal d’Isabelle la Catholique and La Corrala de la Danza Ballet Espanol; diploma from l'Ecole Supérieure de Danse Madrid

Delwaide, Sonya (VF: 537.2013-0-1 )
Dancer; choreographer; co-founder of Compagnie de Danse L’Astragale
House program

Denishawn (VF: 103.2009-0-1)
Essay by Ruth St. Denis “Dance Vision” (PC), newspaper clippings (O), articles (O)

Dent, Nancy Lima (IAR: 208.2012-1-1 through 208.2012-4-67; RR: C2)
Born: October 22, 1919, Toronto, Ontario; Died: February 15, 2013, Toronto, Ontario)
Dancer; choreographer; teacher; studied with Boris Volkoff, Elizabeth Leese, Martha Graham, José Limón, Katherine Dunham, Doris Humphrey; worked with New Dance Theatre/United Jewish People’s Order; founder of Nancy Lima Dent Dance Theatre
All regarding Lima Dent’s career: photographs; choreographic notes; house programs; newspaper clippings; musical scores; resumes; publicity materials; personal correspondence; scripts; oral history; set design for Heroes of our Time (1952); costume designs for Children Who Wait in the Dusk (1962); scope: c. 1935-1975

ETDC/EDTC: “Nancy Lima Dent” by Clifford Collier

Issues 49, 60

ENCORE! ENORE! Exhibition: “Nancy Lima Dent: A Woman Ahead of Her Time” curated by Amy Bowring

Desnoyers, Danièle (VF: 538.2013-0-1)
Born: November 6, 1960, Montreal, Quebec
Dancer; choreographer; founder of Le Carré des Lombes
Publicity card and house program for Du souffle de sa tourmente, j’ai vu, 1994

ETDC/EDTC: “Danièle Desnoyers” by Dena Davida

Desrosiers, Robert (VF: 104.2009-0-1)
Born: October 10, 1953, Montreal, Quebec
Choreographer; artistic director; dancer; designer; founder of Desrosiers Dance Theatre
Newspaper clippings (PC); programs; biography; transcripts of interviews with Lawrence Adams and with Lawrence Adams and Paula Citron

ETDC/EDTC: “Robert Desrosiers” by Paula Citron

Issue 53

Deveson, Rosemary (Livingston)/Natasha Sobinova (IAR [scrapbooks]; CR)
Born: December 28, 1921, Bowsman River, Manitoba; Died: March 14, 2008, Vancouver, British Columbia
Dancer; teacher; choreographer; studied with June Roper; dancer with Col. de Basil’s Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo and Covent Garden Russian Ballet
Scrapbooks; personal correspondence (primarily letters written to her parents while she was on tour with the Ballet Russe); photographs of Deveson in performance, personal photographs from throughout her career, family, Pat Myers and other de Basil dancers, June Roper, Lois Smith and other Vancouver dancers c. 1940 (O&PC); newspaper clippings predominantly regarding Colonel de Basil’s Ballet Russe (PC); articles (PC); oral history including transcript; house programs for June Roper Stars of Tomorrow 1937, Jooss Ballet (1936) (O), Martha Graham Dance Group 1937 (O), Ted Shawn and His Ensemble of Men Dancers 1936; souvenir programs for de Basil’s Ballet Russe 1938 (O); article composed of letters written by Deveson during tour to New Zealand 1939; flyers for June Roper performances 1935 (O); postcard correspondence 1930s; transcripts from BBC interview with Deveson and Pat Meyers; sketches by Kay Ambrose (O); pamphlet advertising Rosemary Deveson’s Vancouver School of Dancing

ETDC/EDTC: “Rosemary Deveson” by Leland Windreich
Dancing for deBasil – Letters to her Parents from Rosemary Deveson edited by Leland Windreich

Issues 35, 43, 66

Dilworth, Rosalind (EA; VF: 092.2009-0-1)
Dancer; teacher; danced with Dimtiri Vladimiroff
Donated by Sylvia (Dilworth) Brown (sister)
(all E) Biographical record of Leontina Vladimiroff (Dimitri Vladimiroff’s ex-wife) also includes information regarding Rosalind Dilworth, written by Cameron Ross (Rosalind Dilworth’s granddaughter); scrapbook compiled by Sylvia Brown (Rosalind Dilworth’s sister) containing: correspondence with biographical notes regarding Rosalind Dilworth; time line of Dimitri Vladimiroff’s dancing life 1925-1976; photographic, program and newspaper clippings collection regarding Rosalind Dilworth and her career with Dimitri Vladimiroff late 1920s-1930s, also includes photographs of Edna Liggit; oral history with sister Sylvia Brown Hyrst; biographical notes by Lawrence Adams; Branksome Hall newsletter (fall) 1994

Toronto Dance Teachers, 1825-1925 by Mary Jane Warner

Issues 21,22, 40

Dogs in Space (VF: 539.2013-0-1)
House programs; publicity materials

Dornys, Judith (VF: 540.2013-0-1)
Born: February 21, 1941, Budapest, Hungary; Died: April 26, 1989, Paris, France)
Newspaper clipping

Douglas, William (Bill) (VF: 541.2013-0-1)
Born: September 25, 1953, Amherst, Nova Scotia; Died: March 10, 1996, Montreal, Quebec
Dancer; choreographer; artistic director; teacher
Photograph (O); articles (PC); newspaper clippings (PC); information regarding filmmaker Lisa Cochrane

ETDC/EDTC: “William Douglas” by Dena Davida

Doyle, Robert (VF: 108.2009-0-1, 108.2009-0-2)
Dancer with Royal Winnipeg Ballet; studied with Boris Volkoff; teacher; choreographer; designer; historian; costume designer; author; founder/director of Costuming Studies at Dalhousie University (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Personal correspondence; house program for Royal Winnipeg Ballet March 10-11, 1961 and Yoné Kvietys concert 1960s (O); reviews of Yoné Kvietys performance May 26, 1960 (O); newspaper clippings 1960s; newspaper clipping, opening remarks and press release all regarding Doyle’s costume exhibition “Myth and Magic of Costuming for the Stage” (PC); photographs of Royal Winnipeg Ballet 1950s-1960s (O&PC) and of Doyle’s costumes; oral history; article manuscript “Ballet Costuming: A survey of the past fifty years in North America”; publishing proposal for “Costuming the Dance: 50 Years of Costuming for the National Ballet”

Issues 45, 52

Dragu, Margaret/La Dragu (VF: 109.2009-0-11; IAR [videotapes]: 109.2009-1-1 through 109.2009-1-10)
Dancer; choreographer; actress; film and video maker; editor; publisher; activist
Regarding Dragu’s career, predominantly her work in theatre and writing: films and videotapes (O); slides (O); reviews (O); newspaper clippings (O&PC); personal correspondence; photographs (O); Same Day Edit Press volumes (O); copy of “Confessions” from Bringing It Home – Women Talk About Feminism in their Lives

Issues 52, 55

Draper, Paul (VF: 543.2013-0-1)
Born: October 25, 1909, Florence, Italy; Died: September 20, 1996, Woodstock, New York
Dancer; nephew of actress Ruth Draper
Celebrity News magazine 1956

Draper, Ruth (VF: 542.2013-0-1)
Born: December 2, 1884, New York; Died: December 30, 1956, New York City, New York
House programs, 1940, 1942

Dufresne, André (VF: 543.2013-0-1)
Photos (O&PC); correspondence; brochure for National Ballet summer school c. 1950s; National Ballet house program 1958; Original Ballet Russe prop master’s notebook 1941; Studies of the Sadler’s Wells Ballet Company at Convent Gardens by Anthony Gordon

Du Maresq, Michael (VF: 546.2013-0-1)
Dancer; choreographer
Publicity materials for No Man’s Land

Duncan, Isadora (VF: 110.2009-0-1)
Dancer; choreographer; teacher
Booklet on artist Abraham Walkowitz (O); excerpts from My Life (PC) typed in 1935; newspaper clippings with photographs of Duncan and Anna Pavlova 1940s (O)

Issue 38

Dusk Dances (VF: 545.2013-0-1)
Ontario-based outdoor summer dance series founded by Sylvie Bouchard (1993)
Publicity materials; house program 1999

Dwyer, Paul James (VF: 111.2009-0-1)
Dancer; choreographer; artistic director of Oremus Danse, a Duncan-style modern dance company founded in 1983
Publicity materials for Oremus Danse (O); programs (O); house program, press release and company biographies regarding Stars of the Bolshoi Ballet Canadian tour 1992; oral history and transcript of interview between Paul Dwyer and Elaine Biagi-Turner; Toronto newspaper clippings regarding Isadora Duncan (1909); Oremus Danse grant application materials 1996; article manuscript “The Story of Massey Hall” by S.M. Creighton

Issue 38 (article by Paul Dwyer)

Dynowska, Oldyna (VF: 112.2009-0-1)
Charter member of National Ballet of Canada
Personal correspondence; photographs of National Ballet of Canada 50th Anniversay (O)




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