Maboungou, Zab (VF: 381.2013-0-1)
Born: Paris, France
Dancer; choreographer; teacher; artistic director; philosopher; founder of Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata (1986)
Photographs (E); company brochure; 20th anniversary company brochure (O); biographical information (PC); magazine clipping (PC)

Enter, Dancing: Narratives of Migration: Zab Maboungou

Macdonald, Brian (VF: 382.2013-0-1)
Born: May 14, 1928, Montreal, Quebec
Choreographer; teacher; artistic director; charter member of National Ballet of Canada; writer
Reviews (O&PC); house program (O); postcard (O)

ETDC/EDTC: “Brian Macdonald” by Michael Crabb

Issues 1, 52, 55, 70 (remount of Double Quartet)

MacDonald, Fraser (IAR: 562.2013-1-1 through 562.2013-3-45)
Radio broadcaster for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC); hosted shows for those interested in ballet
Transcripts for the CBC radio shows Afternoon of a Balletomane 1943 and Ballet Club 1944-1966

Issue 1

MacDonald, Grant (RR; VF: 383.2013-0-1)
Born: June 17, 1909, Montreal, Quebec; Died: September 18, 1987, Kingston, Ontario
Visual Artist; war artist
Correspondence re: Grant MacDonald Collection; biography; 100 drawings and paintings of Ballets Russes dancers late 1930s & 1940s

Issues 8, 12, 22, 26

MacDonald, Sheilagh (VF: 385.2013-0-1)
Born: England
Danced with Royal Winnipeg Ballet
Newspaper clippings regarding Carlu Carter (O), Mary Pratten, Royal Winnipeg Ballet 1953 (O&PC); syllabus and examination books by Espinosa of the British Ballet Organization (O)

MacKay, Stuart (VF: 386.2013-0-1)
Born: Vancouver, British Columbia
Stage and costume designer; designed costumes for Vancouver’s Theatre Under the Stars, Kay Armstrong and later in Toronto for Volkoff Canadian Ballet and National Ballet of Canada
House program for Janet Baldwin recital 1971 (PC); photographs of Rosemary Deveson, Robert Lindgren, Kay Armstrong, Betty Farrally, Doreen Oswald, Beth Lockhart, Jerry Nagle; Stage Door magazine, vol. 1, 1938 (first issue)

MacLaughlin, Lola (VF; OS)
Born: March 1, 1952, Oliver, British Columbia; Died: March 6, 2009, Vancouver, British Columbia
Dancer; choreographer; founder of Lola Dance
Business records; publicity material; house programs; video; audio; costumes; props; obituary; information on Lola MacLaughlin Award

ETDC/EDTC: “Lola MacLaughlin” by Max Wyman

Issue 67

Choreographic Dialogues: Lola MacLaughlin

Macpherson, Jean (VF: 384.2013.0-1; RR: D40)
Born: c. 1900, Toronto, Ontario; Died: August 21, 1989, Toronto, Ontario
Dancer; teacher; choreographer studied in Paris and London (1920s); taught and performed in Montreal and Toronto
Photographs (O&PC); house programs (O); magazines (O) c. 1937 & 1954; magazine clippings (O&PC); books; notebook; oral history donated by Lisa Macpherson (sister-in-law); oil painting of Macpherson in the Toronto Heliconian Club (O); negatives; correspondence; award; obituary; personal correspondence

Issues 5, 6, 8

Pages in History: Jean Macpherson

Macpherson, Kay (IAR)
Born: England, 1913; Died: August 19, 1999, Toronto, Ontario
Feminist; peace activist; mother of dancer Susan Macpherson
House programs for various Canadian and international dance companies 1940s-1980s including Toronto Dance Theatre, Danny Grossman Dance Company, The National Ballet of Canada, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, National Ballet School, Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers and foreign companies touring to Canada
Finding Aid available

Issue 41

Macpherson, Susan (AR)
Born: November 21, 1944, Toronto, Ontario
Dancer; teacher; artistic director; designer; dancer with Toronto Dance Theatre and Danny Grossman Dance Company
Videotapes; house programs; posters; photographs; correspondence; dance periodicals

ETDC/EDTC: “Susan Macpherson” by Graham Jackson
David Earle: A Choreographic Biography (Out of Print) by Michele Green
Edited by Susan Macpherson: Dictionary of Dance: Words, Terms and Phrases, ETDC/EDTC

Issues 43, 52

ENCORE! ENCORE! Web Exhibition "David Earle: A Choreographic Biography"curated by Michele Green

Maguire, Terrill (VF : 387.2013-0-1)
Dancer ; choreographer ; teacher; founder of the INDE Festival (c. 1985)
House programs for Inde '85 and Inde '88

Malenfant, Lloyd (VF: 388.2013-0-1)
Born: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Studied with Gweneth Lloyd in Winnipeg; Alan Lund’s assistant at Charlottetown Festival
Brief biographical notes

Malone, Peggy / Edna (née Spagler) (VF: 337.2013-1-1, 337.2013-1-2; EA)
Born: 1899, Nelson, British Columbia; Died: 1979, Penticton, British Columbia
Dancer with Denishawn (1920s); ‘Peggy’ of ballroom duo Peggy and Cortez (1920s & 1930s), they performed on Broadway and toured internationally
Certificate and registration of death (PC); notes of 1939 interview with Edna’s husband (PC); souvenir program B.F. Keith’s Hippodrome 1924 (O); booklet “Dancemart” guide to rare books, magazines, autograph material, etc. regarding dance, Hippodrome program is listed; article (PC); photographs (PC); newspaper clippings (PC); extensive research on dance history and performers of Nelson, British Columbia; electronic archives regarding Malone’s career: house programs; newspaper clippings of Denishawn company and Malone; photographs; drawings; contract with the Denishawn School of Dancing and its related arts

ETDC/EDTC: “Edna Malone” by Allana Lindgren

Manitoba (General) (VF: 389.2013-0-1)
Publicity booklet for This Merrie Companie (historical dance society directed by Harold and Melva Doran); news clipping regarding the opening of the Pantages Playhouse, 1914 (PC); invitations to Pantages Panorama (the grand reopening of the Pantages Playhouse Theatre), c. 1993; news clipping regarding the history of the Pantages Playhouse; Charlotte (Wright) Cochrane's written memories of her time in the Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Mann, George (VF: 390.2013-0-1)
Professor of Sociology, author of The Sterndale Bennetts: The Masquers Years (1933-1940)
Correspondence; newspaper clippings (PC); photographs (E); articles (PC)

Mann, Teresa (VF: 391.2013-0-1)
Born: Panama
Teacher; dancer with National Ballet of Canada; studio director
Biographical notes; house programs (O); souvenir program (from Panama) for Escuela De Danzas Teresa Mann 1965-1990 (O)

Issue 23

Marcuse, Judith (VF: 392.2013-0-1)
Born: March 13, 1947, Montreal, Quebec
Artistic director; choreographer; dancer
Personal correspondence; “Ice Project” summary; “Fire Project” summary; photographs of Marcuse and “Ice Project” performances (O)

ETDC/EDTC: “Judith Marcuse” by Max Wyman

Martin Viscount, Billy (VF: 312.2012-0-1)
Born: September 29, 1940; Died: January 8, 2012, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Teacher; danced with Royal Winnipeg Ballet; choreographer; ballet master; studied with Arnold
Spohr at Royal Winnipeg Ballet School
CV; photograph (PC)

Mascall, Jennifer (VF: 393.2013-0-1; RR: D38)
Born: December 11, 1952, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Dancer; choreographer; co-founder of EDAM (1982); founder of Mascall Dance (1982)
House program for The Brutal Telling, 1998 (PC); pamphlet/poster for Way Out West, Alternatives in Physical Training, Dance Creation and Performance; booklets to accompany Mascall's What,?; publicity materials; comic that accompanies the 2009 productions of Homewerk

ETDC/EDTC: “Jennifer Mascall” by Max Wyman

Issue 68

Massey Commission (VF: 394.2013-0-1)
Manuscript: “Brief to the Royal Commission, submitted on behalf of the Canadian Ballet Festival Association” (PC)
DCD library holdings include Report from the Royal Commission on National Development in the Arts, Letters and Sciences, 1951

Issue 63 (as related to 50th anniversary of the Canada Council for the Arts)

Matthew, Alanna (VF: 395.2013-0-1)
Born: England
Dancer; choreographer; actress
Book review Dancing for de Basil: Letters to her Parents from Rosemary Deveson, 1938-1940 (PC); resume 1990 (PC); correspondence; newspaper clipping re: Matthew’s solo show 2000 (PC)

Mazzoleni, Ettore (VF)
Born: June 18, 1905, Brusio, Switzerland; Died: June 1, 1968, Toronto, Ontario
Musician; conductor; teacher; composer; principal of Toronto Conservatory of Music
Newspaper clippings (PC); Music in Our Lives magazine with feature article about Mazzoleni, summer 1996 (O)

ENCORE! ENCORE! Exhibit: “Alison Sutcliffe: Terpsichorean Adventurer” curated by Amy Bowring

Issue 68 (on Clare Mazzoleni Piller)

McArthur, Kennetha (RR)
Dissertation: Association of Operatic Dancing, 1921: A Re-creation of Examination Technique and Style 1985

McBirney, Mara (VF: 397.2013-0-1)
Born: England; Died: 1995, Vancouver, British Columbia
Royal Academy of Dancing teacher, examiner and Fellow; director Panto-Pacific Ballet; taught many prominent Canadian ballet dancers
Biographical notes; interview with Maureen Allyne; published diary entries c. 1946 in “Royal Academy of Dancing Gazette” (PC)

McCann, Peggy (VF: 398.2013-0-1)
Dancer; teacher; choreographer; artistic director
Donated by Karen Lee
Photographs (O&PC); newspaper clippings (PC); bio 1987; resume 1973-mid-1980s; house programs from various performances 1980s (PC); company brochures (O); teaching materials (PC); correspondence

McCuaig, Fleurette (Kramer) (VF: 331.2013-0-1; RR: D39)
Born: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Dancer; teacher; choreographer; student of Ione Zinck in Winnipeg c. 1918; taught in Toronto 1940s-1990
Photographs; school brochures; newspaper clippings; house programs for Fleurette School of Dance 1964, 1967, 1968, 1970 & 1971 (O); list of personnel (O); personal and professional correspondence (some c. WWII); copy of magazine Winnipeg’s Entertainment Digest; oral history; adjudication and appraisal forms for Civilian Concert Parties; party and parade agenda for Freedomaires performance troupe 1940s (O); spiral bound book of original photographs c. 1945; biographical notes

Issues 13, 14

McCurdy, Beryl (VF: 399.2013-0-1)
Born: Vancouver, British Columbia
Dancer; trained with June Roper and Dorothy Wilson
Oral history; biographical notes; personal correspondence

McGarry, Jeanette (VF: 400.2013-0-1)
Newspaper clippings from the Toronto Telegram and Evening Telegram regarding dance in Toronto 1900 (PC)

McGovern, Adele (VF: 401.2013-0-1)
Born: c.1920s, Toronto, Ontario; Died: 2004, Toronto, Ontario
Dancer; teacher; owner and director of Adele School of Dancing, opened c. 1940s; recipient of Canadian Dance Teachers’ Association Lifetime Acheivement Award 1996
Photographs (PC); house programs for Mia Slavenska 1944 (O), a dance revue by the pupils of àdele, adéle [sic] School of Dancing 1943-1947, 1949 & 1953(PC), school advertisement, brochures and flyers (O); personal correspondence

McIntyre, Patrick (Paddy) (VF: 402.2013-0-1)
Born: 1938, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Dancer; choreographer; danced with Royal Winnipeg Ballet and performed on Broadway with Ethel Merman
Biographical notes; oral history; newspaper clippings (PC); photographs (PC); personal correspondence; biography manuscript

McKay, Sheila (Killough) (VF: 403.2013-0-1)
Born: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Dancer with Royal Winnipeg Ballet 1940s; teacher
House programs for Royal Winnipeg Ballet 1944/45, Third Canadian Ballet Festival 1950; souvenir programs for First Canadian Ballet Festival 1948, 10th Anniversary of Royal Winnipeg Ballet 1939-1949; newspaper clippings regarding Canadian Ballet Festivals and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet; articles from weekly newsletter CBC Times regarding Second Canadian Ballet Festival 1949 and National Home Monthly regarding Third CBF; poster for First Canadian Ballet Festival; type-written notes about First Canadian Ballet Festivals; flyer for First Canadian Ballet Festival; oral history

McKenna, Shelagh (VF: 404.2013-0-1)
Dancer; choreographer
Biography; DVDs of her work

McKenzie, Jean (McBain) (IAR: 336.2013-1-1 through 336.2013-1-8; RR: D37)
Born: Vancouver, British Columbia; Died: March 14, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Dancer; teacher; principal dancer with Royal Winnipeg Ballet; head of School of Royal Winnipeg Ballet
Photographs; house programs; souvenir programs; magazines and newspaper clippings regarding Royal Winnipeg Ballet (O&PC); oral history

ETDC/EDTC: “Jean McKenzie” by MaryJane MacLennan

Issue 69

McKenzie, Susan (VF: 261.2012-0-1)
Dancer; choreographer
Magazine article about McKenzie’s work STILL

Meadows, Howard (VF: 262.2012-0-1)
Born: Montreal, Quebec; Died: April 24, 1994
Dancer; wardrobe master with National Ballet of Canada
Newspaper clippings regarding Meadows’s career (PC); photograph of Meadows’s (PC); memorial note (PC)

Mercier, Margaret (VF: 263.2012-0-1)
Born: 1937, Montreal, Québec
Dancer with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens; teacher
Newspaper clipping regarding Eric Hyrst (PC); biographical notes

ETDC/EDTC: “Margaret Mercier” by Vincent Warren

Merrett, Kathryn (VF: 259.2012-0-1)
Writer; correspondent at McClelland and Stewart publishing house
Correspondence regarding ETDC/EDTC; manuscript “Dance Indian Classical” by Devesh Soneji; house program for The Edmonton Civic Opera c. 1937

Merritt, Marilla (Speller) (VF: 260.2012-0-1)
Born: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Dancer; teacher; choreographer; student of the Gotshalks School in Halifax late 1940s; dancer with Les Ballets Chiriaeff and London Ballet
Photograph; oral history; personal correspondence

Issue 16

Michener, Wendy (VF: 267.2012-0-1)
Born: 1935; Died: 1969
Writer; critic
Magazine articles from Canadian Dance Forum 1954-1955 (PC)

Military Events (VF: 405.2013-0-1)
House programs for Naval & Military Tournament Forum 1930 and "Meet the Navy" show

Miller, Beverly (VF: 265.2012-0-1)
Born: January 22, 1939, Edmonton, Alberta; Died: February 21, 2010, Toronto, Ontario
Dance history teacher at National Ballet School
Regarding Laine Mets: photographs (O); house program 1951 (PC); newspaper clippings (PC); biographical notes; regarding Ruth Carse and Muriel Taylor: newspaper clippings (PC)

Issue 69

Miller, Elma (VF: 266.2012-0-1)
Musician; composer
Program note and audio tape re: John Weinzweig’s Red Ear of Corn; music notation samples (PC); manuscript “Galina Ivanova Vstvolskaya” by Elma Miller; personal correspondence with Weinzweig; The New Canadian newspaper with feature article on Grace Miyagawa, April 1995

Miller, Jean (Botkin) (VF: 264.2012-0-1)
Born: 1920, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Dancer in Montreal 1930s; teacher; Director of Moose Jaw Festival of Dance
Photographs (O&PC); house programs; newspaper clippings (O&PC)

Milligan, Dianne (VF: 406.2013-0-1)
Former Executive Director of Dance Nova Scotia
Brochure for Alberta Contemporary Dance Theatre, c. 1975; brochures and programs for the 1979 Dance in Canada Conference; issues of The Future Daily (published during the 1979 Dance in Canada Conference); house program for the National Tap Company, 1985; partial biography of Don Gillies; excerpt from The Ballet Annual 1953

Miscellaneous (VF: 513.2013-0-1)
House program for Erick Hawkins Dance Company in Ottawa1967; newspaper clippings regarding ballet

Miscellaneous Indie Productions (VF: 407.2013-0-1)
Programs and marketing materials for independent artists
Montpetit, Joceylne (VF: 408.2013-0-1)
Born: October 1, 1952, Montreal, Quebec
Dancer; choreographer; artistic director
Press release for Jocelyne Montpetit's activities in Rome, Italy

Montreal (VF: 268.2012-0-1)
Newspaper clippings; souvenir programs for Montreal Theatre Ballet 1956 (PC), Third Canadian Ballet Festival 1950 (PC); bios for Esak Ruvenoff, Gerald Crevier; personal correspondence between Max Wyman and Suzana Blier Cantin; interview with Guy Glover 1985; house program for Montreal Dance Festival, 1955

Renegade Bodies: Canadian Dance in the 1970s: “Like Cactuses in the Desert: The Flourishing of Dance in Montréal Universities” by Dena Davida and Lavoie-Marcus

Moore, Claudia (VF: 409.2013-0-1)
Born: April 14, 1953, Buffalo, New York
Dancer; choreographer; artistic director
Publicity materials; house programs; photos; Moonhorse Dance Theatre newsletters

ETDC/EDTC: “Claudia Moore” by Paula Citron

Issue 71

Moore, Dennis (James) (VF: 269.2012-0-1)
Born: January 28, 1926, Belfast, Ireland; Died: July 27, 2009, Toronto, Ontario
Dancer; teacher

Moore, Sharon (VF: 410.2013-0-1)
Dancer; choreographer
House programs for the world premiere of The Great Farini Project, 2010

Moore, Viv (VF: 411.2013-0-1)
Born: England
Dancer; choreographer
Souvenir program for Worcestershire Saucy

Moose Jaw (VF: 412.2013-0-1)
Re: Moose Jaw Dancing Group; Moose Jaw Theatrical Productions
Photographs c. 1920s (PC)

Moraes, Newton (VF: 413.2013-0-1)
Born: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Dancer; choreographer; artistic director
Publicity materials

Moran, Fern (OS)
Student at Royal Winnipeg Ballet School
Royal Academy of Dancing Children’s Examinations, Level 1 – Classical and Senior Grade Syllabi; newspaper clippings regarding Royal Winnipeg and National Ballet Schools 1980-1986, Alberta Ballet; house and souvenir programs for Alberta Ballet, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, National Ballet of Canada (1980s); house & souvenir programs, newsletter and newspaper clippings regarding Calgary City Ballet; The Nutcracker: Retold by Veronica Tennant (illustrated by Toller Cranston) signed by Alberta Ballet 1995; childhood ribbons, awards and exam certificates; publicity and information materials regarding Royal Winnipeg Ballet School including memorabilia of summer school c. 1980s; funding/grant applications; various handbills, flyers and house programs for contemporary dance performances in Winnipeg 1990s; publicity materials for Allan Cozzubbo Academy of Dancing (Calgary); programs for Alberta Dance Festival 1983-1985; first pair of pointe shoes; Nutcracker prop

Morenoff, Carmen (née Sierra) (IAR: 188.2010-1-1 through 188.2010-1-7)
Born: 1905, France; Died: 1990, Montreal, Quebec
Dancer; teacher; choreographer; designer
See Maurice Morenoff

Morenoff, Maurice (VFIAR: 188.2010-1-1 through 188.2010-1-7)
Born: 1906, Montreal, Quebec; Died January 23, 1993, Montreal, Quebec
Dancer; teacher; choreographer
Regarding the careers of Carmen and Maurice Morenoff: photographs (PC); house programs (PC); brochures (PC); books (PC); newspaper clippings (PC); recent photographs (1987); biographical notes; manuscripts for “Social Dancing: First Period 1933-1948 (French)”, “Second Period: Following and Conclusion”, “Artistic and Theatrical” by Maurice Morenoff

ETDC/EDTC: “Maurice Lacasse Morenoff & Carmen Sierra Morenoff” by Iro Valaskakis Tembeck
Canadian Dance: Visions and Stories: “Politics and Dance in Montreal, 1940s-1980s: The Imaginary Maginot Line between Anglophone and Francophone Dancers” by Iro Valaskakis Tembeck

Issues 6, 12, 33

Morrison, David (VF; OS)
Born: 1960; Died: January 2, 2007, Toronto, Ontario
Lighting designer; stage manager
Technical notes for Theatre Ballet of Canada western tour 1986

Moosejaw (VF)
Re: Moosejaw Dancing Group; Moosejaw Theatrical Productions
Photographs c. 1920s (PC)

Mosher, Marial (VFIAR: 329.2013-1-1 through 329.2013-1-4)
Born: January 29, 1917, Vancouver, British Columbia; Died: October 4, 2008, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Dancer; teacher; choreographer; member of Madame Hylda Dancers 1920s & 1930s
Photographs; negatives; programs; newspaper clippings (PC); notebooks; film of Mosher performing at the Capital Theatre in Halifax c. 1930s; videotape copy of 8mm film; oral history; correspondence with National Archives re: Marial Mosher dance film; film shot list; ballet examination report; sketches; comics & illustrations of Madame Hylda Davies’s dancers 1920s & 1930s (PC); manuscripts: “Marial Mosher and Dance at the Turn of the Century”, “Madame Hylda Davies”, “Madame Hylda Dancers and Dance at the Turn of the Century” by Naomi Jackson; personal correspondence; wedding invitation; oral history; biographical notes; letter of agreement; list of conference materials; extensive photograph collection (personal, dance, historical); negatives (O); dinner napkins; newspaper clippings c. 1950s; notebooks containing class notes; original sketches; painting; word notation of ‘routines’

ETDC/EDTC: “Hylda Davies” by Pat Richards
“Marial Mosher” by Pat Richards
Canadian Dance: Visions and Stories: “Dance and the Outsiders: Ballet and Modern Dance Companies in Nova Scotia” by Pat Richards

Issue 6

Artifact of the Month: Cinema Slides and 1930s Prologues in Halifax

Mosher Studios (VF: 615.2014-0-1)
Toronto-based dance studio
Recital programs (1944-1946, 1948,1949)

Motus O (VF: 414.2013-0-1)
Stouffville-baed company founded by Cynthia Croker, James Croker and Jack Langenhuize (1990)
House program 2009

Moving Dragon (VF: 415.2013-0-1)
British-Columbia based company founded by Chengxin Wei and Jessica Jone
Publicity card for Luminus

Moving Pictures Festival of Dance on Film and Video (VF)
Toronto-based film festival founded by Kathleen Smith and Marc Glassman
Festival Guides 1999-2001

Mulqueen, P.J. (EA; VF: 271.2012-0-1)
Born: June 2, 1867; Died: December 1946
Sportsman; former chair of Olympic committee; invited Boris Volkoff to attend 1936 Berlin Olympics
Donated by his daughter Patricia Warde
Photograph (E); newspaper clippings (PC); comic strip regarding 1936 Berlin Olympics; passport and other document for travel to Berlin Olympics; obituaries; condolences telegraph from the Liberal Party of Canada

Issues 9, 40 (regarding 1936 Berlin Olympics)

Mulvaney Gray, Irene (Almond) & Hilda (VF: 416.2013-0-1)
Greek revival dancers; teachers
Detailed description of Paul Almond Collections, family papers series as noted by the National Archives June 12-13, 2000; notebooks; personal correspondence; newspaper clippings 1930s & 1940s; research notes

Musical Theatre (VF: 417.2013-0-1, 417.2013-0-2)
House and souvenir program for various musical theatre productions (c. 1898-1947)




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