Nagys, Birouté (VF: 317.2013-0-1; EA)
Born: 1920, Lithuania
Dancer; choreographer; teacher; studied with Rosalia Chladek; opened studio in Verdun district of Montreal
Book chapter “Artists & Priests” from Lithuanian Immigration to Canada After the Second World War by Milda Danys, 1986; electronic archives consisting of photographs, house programs and newspaper clippings all regarding Nagys 1947-1965

ETDC/EDTC: “Birouté Nagys” by Iro Valaskakis Tembeck

Issue 59

Nakashedze, Beatrice (VF: 500.2013-0-1)
Born: 1898, Toronto, Ontario
Transcript of an oral history with Nakashedze

Nann, Andrea (VF: 418.2013-0-1)
Born: September 20, 1966, Vancouver, British Columbia
Dancer; choreographer; founder of Dreamwalker Dance Company
Publicity materials

National Archives Photos (VF)
Photographs c. World War II including Wayne and Shuster in the “Invasion Revue”, France 1944, aerial photographs of Toronto harbour, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Ottawa; invoices for purchased photographs

National Ballet of Canada (IAR)
Toronto-based ballet company; founded by Stewart James, Aileen Woods, Pearl Whitehead, Sydney Mulqueen with Celia Franca as founding artistic director (1951)
Photographs of various artists and works 1970s & 1980s; souvenir programs 1951-1980s

ETDC/EDTC: “The National Ballet of Canada”
Canadian Dance: Visions and Stories: “Stepping Out: A New Look at Canada’s Early Ballet Companies” by Cheryl Smith

National Film Board (VF: 502.2013-0-1)
Biography of Grant Munro

Nault, Fernand (VF: 273.2012-0-1)
Born: December 27, 1920, Montreal, Quebec; Died: December 26, 2006, Montreal, Quebec
Choreographer; artistic director; dancer; teacher; dancer with American Ballet Theatre; ballet master at L’École supérieure de danse du Québec; choreographer for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens; member of the Order of Canada
Personal correspondence; transcription of taped interview with Françoise Sullivan and Fernand Nault interviewed by Lorraine Thompson, June 1984, Dance in Canada Oral History Project
See also Alex Pereima

ETDC/EDTC: “Fernand Nault” by Iro Valaskakis Tembeck

Nemetz, Laurie (OS)
CBC video collection (subjects include various National Ballet of Canada productions, Margie Gillis, Erik Bruhn, Karen Kain and Norbert Vesak’s Belong)

Neptune Theatre (VF: 274.2012-0-1)
Halifax-based theatre company; founded by Leon Major (1963)
Photograph of a production

Ng, Yvonne (VF: 419.2013-0-1)
Born: Singapore
Dancer; choreographer; founder of Princess Productions (1995)Publicity materials; house program for Dance: Made in Canada/fait au Canada 2011

Enter, Dancing: Narratives of Migration: Yvonne Ng

Nixon Gasyna, Sarah (VF: 272.2012-0-1)
Newspaper clippings for research regarding 1930s Montreal: dance and fashion, Mary Wigman, general dance news, articles, reviews, death of Pavlova

Noble, Duncan (Duncan MacGillivray) (IAR: 210.2012-1-1 through 210.2012-1-7)
Born: August 2, 1922, Vancouver, British Columbia; Died: 2002, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Dancer; teacher; choreographer; artistic director
Correspondence; newspaper clippings; magazine articles; newsletters; audio cassettes; photographs; resume; flyers; house programs; transcript of Dance in Canada oral history project (1984)

ETDC/EDTC: “Duncan Noble” by Leland Windreich

Issue 54

Pages in History: Duncan Noble

Norcop, Charlotte (Holmes) (VF: 275.2012-0-1)
Born: May 13, 1933, Toronto, Ontario; Died: April 1, 2008, Toronto, Ontario
First theatre and dance officer at the Ontario Arts Council; Director of Operations at the Ontario Arts Council; arts patron
Obituary; memorial service program; Miriam Adams’s speech for memorial service

North End Dance Co Op (VF: 420.2013-0-1)
Founded by Susan Barratt, Susan Cook, Catherine Crocker and Sally Morgan
Publicity postcard for Groundwork, a movers' retreat and laboratory

Nova Scotia (VF: 276.2012-0-1)
Biographical notes re: Ruth Davidson, Marial Mosher, Betty Davidson

Nowacka, Malgorzata (VF: 595.2014-0-1)
Excerpt from article “Dance Dance Revolution: The hottest names in Canadian contemporary dance” by Paula Citron 2009

Nureyev, Rudolph (VF: 277.2012-0-1)
Born: March 17, 1938, Irkustsk, Russia; Died: January 6, 1993, Paris, France
Dancer; choreographer
Newspaper clipping; obituary

Obituary Records (VF: 278.2012-0-1)

Alvin Ailey
Born: January 5, 1981; Died: December 1, 1989
Dancer; choreographer; founder of Alvin Ailey American Dance Dance Theater

Irene Apinee-Gotshalks
Born: May 26, 1924; Died: November 6, 2013
Dancer; co-founder of Gosthalks Halifax Ballet and Halifax Conservatory School of Ballet

Pina Bausch
Born: July 27, 1940; Died: June 30, 2009
Dancer; choreographer

Irma Buchta
Died: August 14, 1989
Dance teacher; co-founder of Corte and Corteen dance clubs of Halifax; wife of Gunter Buchta
(founder of Buchta Dancers)

Jack (John W.) Bickle
Born: 1913; Died: September 23, 1996
Cecchetti dancer; choreographer; teacher at University of Windsor’s School of Dramatic Arts until 1985; founded Jack W. Bickle Ballet School in Windsor, Ontario 1940s

Canadian Obituary Record; partial (PC)
1988: Helen Birdsall
1989: Betty Farrally
1990: Juan Antonio
1991: Dorothy Forester
1992: Murray Farr

Doris Crowley Mehegan
Born: November 24, 1920; Died: February 12; 1999
Dancer; dance teacher; library worker

Walter Dent
Died: May 19, 1993
Husband of Nancy Lima Dent

Louise Dowie
Born: May 15, 1921; Died: April 25, 1997
Actor; comedian; puppeteer; dancer

Katherine Dunham
Born: June 22, 1909; Died: May 21, 2006
Dancer; choreographe; founder of Katherine Dunham Dance Company

Eva von Gencsy
Born: 1924; Died: April 11, 2013
Dancer; co-founder of Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal

Donald Gillies
Born: November 20, 1926; Died: June 13, 2007
Dancer; choreographer

Stephen Godfrey
Born: 1953; Died: February 6, 1993
Writer; critic for The Globe & Mail

Martha Graham
Born: May 11, 1894; Died: April 1, 1991
Dancer; choreographer

Mireille Grandpierre
Born: 1926; Died: June 8, 2008

Anita Fray
Born: March 31, 1933; Died: January 23, 2013

Gladys Hartley
Born: January 17, 1921; Died: July 27, 2009
Teacher; director of Vancouver Skating Club

Eric Hyrst
Born: April 4, 1927; Died:
Dancer; choreographer

John Neville Keogh
Born: August 10, 1922; Died: October 23, 1996
Founder of Canadian Puppet Theatre

Barbara Lally
Born: January 2, 1912; Died: February 2, 2000

Angela Leigh
Born: 1927; Died: December 29, 2004
Charter member of The National Ballet of Canada

Maude Lloyd
Born: August 16, 1908; Died: November 28, 2004

Eleonora Maiden
Born: April 29, 1928; Died: January 14, 2013
Musical director of the dance department at Ryerson University (1971-1993)

Alicia Markova
Born: 1910; Died: Dec 2, 2004

Kenneth A. Peirson
Born: 1945; Died: June 4, 1994
Arts administrator/executive director of Toronto Dance Theatre

Ethel Irene Seymour (née White; aka Renée Marquette)
Born: December 1912; Died: March 16, 2013
Dancer; puppeteer

Muriel Sherrin
File contains memorial service program

Nesta Toumine (née Williams)
Born: October 28, 1912; Died: February 1, 1996
Artistic director; choreographer; teacher; dancer; danced with Ballets Russes de Paris and Leonide Massine’s Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo; co-founded Ottawa Ballet Company (1947) with Yolande Leduc; founded Ottawa Classical Ballet (1949), Classical Ballet Concert Group (1958) and Ballet Imperial (1965)

David Llewellyn Walker
Died: May 1, 1994
Dancer; assistant to the artistic director of The National Ballet of Canada

Marilyn Walker
Died: January 16, 2012
Dancer; teacher

Rita Claire Warne MacDonald
Born: November, 24, 1920; Died: February 12, 1999
Music and dance teacher; founder of Wilderness Ballet Camp

Herbert Whittaker
Born: September 20, 1910; Died: September 9, 2006

Octobre en Danse (VF: 421.2013-0-1)
Montreal-based dance festival started in 1978
Personal correspondence; festival program 1978

Odom, Selma (VF: 422.2013-0-1)
Dance researcher; writer; historian; professor, York University Department of Dance
York University brochure; magazine article regarding Margaret Eaton School (PC); list of completed York U. Dance theses and research papers 1978-1993; CV 1999; Society of Dance History Scholar’s newsletter; York Dance Review; International Encyclopedia of Dance; The Modern Dance Tutor or Society Dancing; photographs of Odom 1947-2008 (E)

Canadian Dance: Visions and Stories edited by Selma Landen Odom and Mary Jane Warner
Canadian Dance: Visions and Stories: “Music and Movement: The Overlapping Careers of Madeleine Boss Lasserre and Saida Gerrard” by Selma Landen Odom
Estivale 2000: Canadian Dancing Bodies Then and Now/Les corps dansants d’hier à aujoud’hui: “Music and Movement Connections: The Overlapping Careers of Madeleine Boss Lasserre and Saida Gerrard”

Issue 46 (writing by Selma Odom)

Dance Historian of the Month: Selma Odom

Officer, Jill (IAR)
Born: November 21, 1931, Birmingham, England; Died: June 11, 2012, Cambridge, Ontario
Historian; professor, University of Waterloo Dance Department
Research for Dictionary of Dance in Canada; printout of Dictionary of Dance in Canada; repertoire lists for Toronto Dance Theatre 1968-1980, Anna Wyman Dancers 1970-1972, Anna Wyman Dance Theatre 1973-1980; lists of original choreography for Royal Winnipeg Ballet 1939-1980, National Ballet of Canada 1951-1980, Les Ballets Chiriaeff 1955-1958, Les Grands Ballet Canadiens 1958-1980 (data includes choreographer, composer, designer, date and place of premiere, first cast, synopsis or description of intent, references to reviews)

Issue 72

O’Heany, Kennetha (VF: 279.2012-0-1)
Donations made regarding Édouard Lock and La La La Human Steps
Newspaper clippings (O); magazine clippings (O); flyers; magazines; programs; tickets; press release; newspaper advertisements; audition notices; personal correspondence; negatives c. 1983, 1984 & 1986 regarding Dancebreakers(photographer Alan McArthur)

Oliphant, Betty (VF: 281.2012-0-1, 282.2012-0-2, 197.2010-0-3)
Born: August 5, 1918, London, England; Died: July 11, 2004, St. Catharines, Ontario
Teacher; artistic director; dancer; founding principal and artistic director of National Ballet School of Canada 1959-1989
Newspaper clipping; personal correspondence; photographs (O&PC); reviews/previews for autobiography Miss O: A Life in Dance; magazines (O)
Donated by Margaret McBurney: newspaper clippings and correspondence regarding Oliphant’s autobiography 1996, Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards 1997, response to a Mavis Staines article in Dance Magazine 1997, recommendation and nomination letters 1998, Kimberly Glasco’s firing 1999, National Ballet School’s 40th anniversary 2000, Gil Gauvreau’s documentary about Oliphant 2000, “banishment” from backstage during National Ballet performances, obituaries and memorial service 2004; foreword for Verity Purdy’s book The Luckiest Girl in the World 1997
Donated by Gail Sadova (Oliphant’s daughter): house program for first recital of Oliphant’s School of Dancing 1949 (O); souvenir booklets for National Ballet School Twentieth Anniversary and Twenty-Fifth Anniversary; “Kitchen Choreography” a cookbook published by National Ballet School Scholarship Fund; souvenir program for National Ballet of Canada 1978/79; Performance magazine Fall 1984

ETDC/EDTC: “Betty Oliphant” by Penelope Reed Doob
Betty Oliphant - The Artistry of Teaching: A Series of Ballet Classes by Nadia Potts with illustrations by Rhonda Ryman

Issues 41, 43, 58, 63

OMO Dance Company (VF: 423.2013-0-1)
Toronto-based company founded by Debbie Wilson as a division of Northern Lights Dance Theatre
Foundation (1994)
Company brochure; OMO Dance Co. Newsletter Summer 2000; publicity postcards for "Diary of an Exile" 2005 and 11th Anniversary Season 2006

Ontario – General (VF: 596.2014-0-1)
Booklet of newsletters, clippings (pc) and correspondence regarding Mascha Stom Dance Centre; publicity materials for Brock University’s Centre for the Arts

Opera Atelier (VF: 425.2013-0-1)
Toronto-based company founded by Marshall Pynkoski and Jeannette Lajeunesse Zingg (1983)
Souvenir programs; Border Crossings magazine Fall 1994

Orlowski, William (IAR: 205.2011-1-1 through 205.2011-7-295; RR: D37)
Born: June 21, 1952, Brampton, Ontario
Choreographer; dancer; teacher; artistic director; co-founder of National Tap Dance Company and Hoofers Club
Photographs; newspaper clippings; magazine clippings; press kits and publicity materials; house programs; biographical notes; contracts; production notes; high school year books; scope: 1967-2006

ETDC/EDTC: “William Orlowski” by Paula Citron

Orpheum Circuit (VF: 426.2013-0-1)
Orpheum Circuit News and Program for the week commencing Monday, September 27, 1926 (contains listing for "Pompadour Ballet" presented by Albertina Rasch)

O’Shea, Meagan (VF: 427.2013-0-1)
Dancer; choreographer; artistic director
Publicity postcards for Night Stills 2003

O Vertigo (VF: 428.2013-0-1)
Montreal-based dance company founded by Ginette Laurin (1984)
Photographs (O&E)

ETDC/EDTC: “Ginette Laurin” by Kathryn Greenaway
The Dancemakers: Ginette Laurin by Moze Mossanen

Choreographic Dialogues: Ginette Laurin

Oxenham, Andrew (IAR: 204.2010-1-1 through 204.2010-6-262; RR: D1-15)
Dancer with National Ballet of Canada; dance photographer
Negative and photographic print collection 1974-1989, includes images of The National Ballet of Canada, Toronto Dance Theatre, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers, Paula Moreno and Dancemakers




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