Palmer, Sylvia (VF: 338.2013-0-1, 338.2013-0-2; RR)
Born: Vancouver, British Columbia
Dancer; teacher
Scrapbooks regarding Vancouver Ballet Society, Kay Armstrong 1950s, 1960s (E); newspaper clippings 1970s (O); National Ballet of Canada newsletters; newspaper caricature of Karen Kain and Frank Augustyn

Issue 41

Pankhurst, Norma (Brown) (VF: 429.2013-0-1)
Teacher; choreographer; studied with Boris Volkoff and Gweneth Lloyd in Toronto
Biographical notes; school brochure; regarding Savoyards Operetta Company founded in Toronto 1919: Canadian Music Encyclopedia article (PC); house programs for Savoyards productions at the Royal Alexandra Theatre c. 1922 (PC); caricatures of characters from production of Iolanthe December 4, 1922 (PC)

Pape, James (Brother Luke) (IAR: 223.2012-1-1 through 223.2012-1-18; RR: 223.2012-C1-16)
Born: February 1, 1910, Toronto, Ontario; Died: July 26, 2003, Pine City, New York
Dancer; designer; painter; dancer with Boris Volkoff; travelled with company to 1936 Berlin Olympics; later designed costumes for Volkoff Canadian Ballet
Newspaper clippings c. 1932, 1949 and 1990s (PC); personal correspondence including stories about Boris Volkoff and Volkoff Canadian Ballet; oral history; journal articles; postcards; photographs (PC); group photographs from Berlin Olympics (O); house programs; magazine clippings; obituaries for Lincoln Kirstein, Galina Ulanova; costume designs; books; DVD

Issues 16, 19

Parahumans Dance Theatre (VF: 432.2013-0-1)
Press release re: GIGABIT MANSION - The Mystery of the Human Head

Parker, Aileen (VF: 326.2013-0-1)
Born: 1910; Died: 2008
Dancer with Merrymakers, The Dumbells and The Robert Simpson Company and Rox Theatre; teacher
Two booklets of information on Aileen Parker including photos, newspaper clippings, programs and other documents (created and donated by Parker’s son Warren Lane)

Patnaik, Ellora (VF: 280.2012-0-1)
Born: September 5, 1968, Toronto, Ontario
Dancer; actor; teacher; choreographer; studied Odissi dance with her mother, Chitralekha Patnaik; executive director of Chitralekha Dance Academy
Photograph c. 2004

Pavlova, Anna (VF: 283.2012-0-1)
Born: January 31, 1881, St. Petersburg, Russia; Died: January 23, 1931, The Hague, Netherlands
Photographs c. 1910, 1916; newspaper clippings c. 1912, 1913 (PC); magazine articles c. 1909, 1912, 1913 (PC); writing by Pavlova for The Herald (unknown city)
See also Pete Beatty, Flea Market Collection

Canadian Dance: Visions and Stories: “Hector Charlesworth and E.R. Parkhurst: Looking at Dance in Early Twentieth-Century Toronto” by Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt

Issues 30, 45, 58, 59

Pavlova: A Tribute to the Legendary Ballerina (VF)
CBC production directed by Pierre A. Morin featuring Amanda McKerrow as Pavlova, Frank Augustyn, Leslie Caron, Ron Reagan, Ann Marie De Angelo, Valentina Kozlova, Patrick Bissel, Jolinda Menendez, Marianna Tcherkassky and Hilary Cartwright (1982)
Donated by Marion Lewis
Production stills

Pavlychenko, Larissa (IAR)
Donated by Heidi Strauss
Posters; newspaper clippings (O&PC); background information on the Pavlychenko Studio; Nadia Pavlychenko’s CV; article manuscript: “Pavlychenko Dance: Toronto’s Ultimate Space for Alternate Dance” (author unknown); correspondence; publicity materials; photograph; invitation to “A Night for Nadia”

Pelt, Joost (VF: 285.2012-0-1)
Dancer; choreographer; producer; co-founder of Black Tulip Inc.
Souvenir program for Gala des étoiles 1992; magazines: Maandblad Over Theaterdans 1988 (article on Edouard Lock in Dutch), Dance Australia 1992 (listings of companies in Canada)

Pepper, Kaija (VF)
Dance writer; researcher; editor
Sketches by artist Stuart McKay (PC); house program for BC School of Dancing 1946

Estivale 2000: Canadian Dancing Bodies Then and Now/Les corps dansants d’hier à aujourd’hui au Canada: “Dance in Vancouver: Varied, Vigorous and Interactive” by Kaija Pepper
Theatrical Dance in Vancouver, 1880’s-1920’s by Kaija Pepper
The Dance Teacher: A Biography of Kay Armstrong by Kaija Pepper
The Man Next Door Dances: The Art of Peter Bingham by Kaija Pepper
Renegade Bodies: Canadian Dance in the 1970s edited by Allana Lindgren and Kaija Pepper

Issues 37, 41, 46, 50, 52, 55, 56, 57, 59, 61, 64, 65, 66, 67, 71, 72 (articles by Kaija Pepper)

ENCORE! ENCORE! Exhibition: “Theatrical Dance in Vancouver, 1880s-1920s” curated by Kaija Pepper
Dance Historian of the Month: Kaija Pepper

Pereima, Alex (IAR: 189.2010-1-1 through 189.2010-1-5)
Born: July 15, 1922, Montreal, Quebec; Died: March 18, 2009, Ottawa, Ontario
Dancer; performed with Les Ballets Québec; studied with Gérald Crévier
Newspaper clippings regarding Les Grands Ballets Canadiens and Fernand Nault 1970s-1990s including 1970s production of Tommy; tech sheets for Tommy tour; photographs regarding dancers of Les Ballets-Québec, Montreal Ballet, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens 1950s, 1960s; house programs for 4th & 5th Canadian Ballet Festivals 1952 & 1953 (PC), Ballet Montreal (Junior Ballet) (PC) 1953, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens 1966 (O) & 1970 (PC), Stellar Evening in Aid of American Child Amputees 1989 (O), Royal Ballet 1988; handbill for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens’s Carmina Burana 1966; memorabilia from Expo ’67 including ticket receipts, list of performances to attend, full listings from Montreal Gazette (O); inventory for Montreal Dance 1941-1971 donated by Pereima to Toronto Public Library’s Performing Arts Collection; unpublished biographies of Montreal dancers 1950s including Pereima, Josephine Broglie, Jack Delisle, Marc Beaudet, Elenor Moore Ashton, Marjorie Easton and James Roy Ronaldson; passports and soldier’s service and pay book (Canadian Army) belonging to James Ronaldson; RAD Gazette 1950 (PC); correspondence with choreographer Fernand Nault and conductor Saul Honigman; legal documents regarding the estate of Howard Meadows; letters of praise and thanks regarding Les Grands Ballets Canadiens performances; letter to Ludmilla Chiriaeff commending Les Grands Ballets Canadiens written on behalf of Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon; membership cards for Quebec Dance Teachers’ Association 1952, Royal Academy of Dance 1950, Quebec Ballet 1949, Canadian Ballet Festival Association 1950 (PC); class card for Elizabeth Leese Studio 1951; photographs of Les Ballets-Quebec and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens (1950s) dancers including Vincent Warren, Anton Dolin, Erica Jayne (O&PC), Fernand Nault with American Ballet Theatre (O), Marjorie Davis School of Graceful Dancing group portrait (O), Pereima, Gérald Crévier, Radio Canada Productions 1950s (O), Josephine Valli signed to Periema (O), Howard Meadows, Eleanor Moore Ashton and Iro Tembeck; letterhead for Les Ballets-Quebec (O); article regarding Ross House in Montreal where Françoise Sullivan once held rehearsals

Issue 11

Perreault, Jean-Pierre (IAR: 225.2012-1-1 through 225.2012-1-19)
Born: February 16, 1947, Montreal, Quebec; Died: December 4, 2002, Montreal, Quebec
Choreographer; artistic director; dancer; designer; teacher
Personal correspondence; boxes of postcards of paintings by JPP (1 opened; 2 sealed); brochures; flyers; press releases; house programs; ticket stubs; newspaper clippings (O&PC); press kit 1991; book Jean-Pierre Perreault, Choréographe; obituaries; Joe costume; VHS videotapes of Continental (1973), Monuments (1975), Calliope (1982), Rudolphe (1983), Joe (1983), Stella (1985), Highway ’86 (1986), Nuit (1986), Les Lieux-dits (1988), Piazza (1988), Orénoque (1990), Flyckt (1991), Iles (1991), Adieux (1993), La Vita (1993), Installation choréographique I: L’Instinct (1994), Les Années de Pélerinage (1995/96), Eironos (1996); publicity materials for each of the listed works; correspondence with Carol Anderson regarding Carol’s Notes for Comforts of Solitude (2001), a Perreault work commissioned for The National Ballet of Canada; business records; photographs (O&E)

ETDC/EDTC: “Jean-Pierre Perreault” by Aline Gélinas
Jean-Pierre Perreault: Choreographer, edited by Aline Gélinas, translated by Lynn Carson

Issues 42, 44, 51, 55, 66

Peterborough New Dance/Public Energy (VF: 434.2013-0-1; OS)
Presenting organization founded in 1994
Video collection; publicity materials

Phillips, Joan (VFVF: 289.2012-0-1; RR)
Dancer; teacher
Magazine articles late 1950s & early 1960s regarding ballet; newspaper clippings regarding Lawrence and Miriam Adams and 15 Dance Lab

Piasecki, Margaret (VF: 288.2012-0-1)
Born: February 1927, Winnipeg, Manitoba; Died: May 2007, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Dancer and charter member of Winnipeg Ballet; founder of Royal Winnipeg Ballet Alumni Association; co-founder of Winnipeg Dance Preservation Initiative
Biographical notes; personal correspondence; newspaper clippings (O&PC); photographs; house programs; photographs of stage sets c. 1950s; costume sketches; Canadian Ballet Festival program 1952; National Ballet of Canada souvenir program 1952/53; obituaries for Julia Arkos and Beverly Calderwood; regarding Nicolai Legat (1869-1937; dancer; artist; teacher; students included Agrippina Vaganova, Vaslav Nijinsky and Mikhail Fokine): personal correspondence; photographs (O); artwork (PC); Legat Foundation posters; questionnaire; Legat Foundation newsletter; history; conference itinerary; greeting card with Legat illustration; musical scores by Sonia Serova with choreography notes c. 1927

Issue 64

Royal Winnipeg Ballet Alumni

Pite, Crystal (VF: 435.2013-0-1)
Born: December 15, 1970
Dancer; choreographer; founder of Kidd Pivot (2002)
Dance Documenta booklet on Pite’s Lost Action by Nancy Shaw; house program for Lost Action, 2008; excerpt from article “Dance Dance Revolution: The hottest names in Canadian contemporary dance” by Paula Citron 2009

ETDC/EDTC: “Crystal Pite” by Deborah Meyers

Issue 67

Popa, Magdalena (VF: 433.2013-0-1)
Born: Romania
Dancer; principal ballet mistress for The National Ballet of Canada

Potts, Lucy (VF: 345.2013-0-1)
Born: June 11, 1921, (Constantinople) Istanbul, Turkey; Died: December 21, 2010, Toronto, Ontario
Teacher; taught French at National Ballet School of Canada; mother of National Ballet of Canada principal dancer Nadia Potts
Program from Fifth International Ballet Competition in Varna, Bulgaria 1970 (O); Fifth International Ballet Competition final information bulletin 1970; brochure for National Ballet School 1969 (O&PC); newspaper clippings of Lucy and Nadia Potts and NBS

Potts, Nadia (OS: 346.2013-1-1 through 346.2013-2-50; RR: 346.2013-D46-51 and 52)
Born: June 11, 1921, (Constantinople) Istanbul, Turkey; Died: December 21, 2010, Toronto, Ontario
Dancer; teacher; principal dancer with National Ballet of Canada; director of Dance Program at Ryerson University
Personal correspondence; photographs; contracts; tour schedules; newsletters; publicity material; house programs; newspaper clippings; scrapbook; partial manuscript for “A Collection of Exercises and Ideas for Ballet Training” by Nadia Potts and Florentina Lojekova; pointe shoes

ETDC/EDTC: “Nadia Potts” by Penelope Reed Doob
Betty Oliphant: The Artistry of Teaching – A Series of Ballet Classes by Nadia Potts with illustrations by Rhonda Ryman

Issues 56, 63

Princess Sylvie Enayet Arfa (VF: 102.2009-0-1)
Daughter of the Persian ambassador to the Romanoff court in Iran and dance teacher in Vancouver during WWII (trained Kay Armstrong)
Four articles regarding Princess Sylvie’s immigration to Vancouver (PC)

Pro Arte Danza (VF: 430.2013-0-1)
Founded by Roberto Campanella
Publicity card for a show featuring works by Roberto Campanella, Robert Glumbek and Kevin O'Day 2006

Promenade Symphony Concerts (VF: 431.2013-0-1)
Weekly summer concerts held in Toronto, Ontario, between 1934 and 1956
House programs (1934-1944)

Purdy, Verity (stage name Anna Verity) (VF: 436.2013-0-1, 436.2013-0-2)
Born: 1922, Vancouver, British Columbia
Dancer; teacher; member & choreographer of Canadian Army Shows 1941-1946; dancer with Radio City Ballet
House programs for an “Exhibition of Dancing” presented by the pupils of Miss Joyce Pumphrey 1928 (PC), Second Canadian Ballet Festival 1949, June Roper’s Stars of Tomorrow; excerpts of manuscript “From Ballet to Battledress” by Verity Sweeny Purdy; business and personal correspondence regarding Second Canadian Ballet Festival; list of newspaper headings regarding Canadian Army Show; newspaper clipping regarding Second Canadian Ballet Festival (PC), Lynn Seymour in Vancouver 1963 (O), Purdy’s book The Luckiest Girl in the World; obituary for June Roper November 23, 1991; minutes from fifth meeting of the Dance Teachers Committee for the Second Canadian Ballet Festival; photographs of Purdy, Canadian Army Show (PC); biographical notes; CV 1933-1989; books As Luck Would Have and The Luckiest Girl in the World by Purdy

Issues 40, 45 (article by Verity Sweeny Purdy)

Quan, Denise (VF: 441.2013-0-1)
Dancer in Vancouver 1940s & 1950s
Donated by Beverly Craig
Resume; personal correspondence

Quartiers Danse/Transatlantique Montreal (VF: 437.2013-0-1)Annual dance festival in Montreal founded by Rafik Hubert Sabbagh and Thierry Gourmelen, (known as Traces Montreal from 2000-2004 and Transatlantique Montreal from 2005-2007)
Publicity material

Quinte Ballet School (VF: 438.2013-0-1)
Belleville-based training institution founded in 1972
Brochures for Quinte's summer school program 1995, 2000




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