Salomons, Elsie (VF: 457.2013-0-1)
Born: 1917, Montreal; Died: May 1999
Dancer; choreographer; teacher; aunt and teacher of Judith Marcuse
Obituary; photograph

ETDC/EDTC: “Elsie Salomons” by Iro Valaskakis Tembeck

Salute to Canada (VF: 459.2013-0-1)
Production celebrating 300th Anniversary of the Heroes of Huronia; July 27, 1949, located at the Martyr’s Shrine in Midland, Ontario; Volkoff Canadian Ballet participated
Magazine article “Huronia: Cradle of Ontario’s History” (PC); Martyr’s Shrine message c. 1949; newspaper clippings (PC); magazines; notes regarding history of Martyr’s Shrine

Sampradaya Dance Creations (VF: 458.2013-0-1)
Toronto-based company founded by Lata Pada (1990)
Publicity material

Choreographic Dialogues: Lata Pada
Enter, Dancing: Narratives of Migration: Lata Pada

Sasso, Julia (VF: 460.2013-0-1)
Dancer; choreographer; teacher; artistic director
Publicity material

Savoie, Pierre-Paul (VF: 461.2013-0-1)
Born: 1955, Quebec
Dancer; choreographer; artistic director
House program from Pierre-Paul Savoie and Jeff Hall's 1994 Canadian Tour

Saxton, Nadine (OS)
Researcher; writer; teacher; dancer; notator; cranio-sacral practitioner
Notes from interview with Princess Nakashedze; notation score for Gweneth Llyod’s The Wise Virgins; copy of thesis “An Examination of Perceived Differences Between Ceccetti Society and The Royal Academy of Dancing”; research materials for her book Toronto Dance Theatre 1968-1998: Stages in a Journey co-authored with Kate Cornell

Scarlett, Vivine (VF: 462.2013-0-1)
Choreographer; teacher; administrator; founder of danceImmersion
Biography and resume for Vivine Scarlett
See also Dance Immersion

School of Dance, The (VF: 464.2013-0-1)
Ottawa-based dance studio founded by Merrilee Hodgins and Joyce Shietze, 1978 (Celia Franca became co-artistic director in 1979)
Brochures; poster

School of Toronto Dance Theatre, The (VF: 463.2013-0-1)
Publicity postcards for various STDT shows (2002-2013); house program for Acceleration 2009; 2011 STDT calendar

Scruton, Dorothy (Cox) (VF: 465.2013-0-1)
Royal Academy of Dancing teacher; possibly first RAD teacher to work in Canada
Programs from The London Academy of Dance; writings by Scruton; Yellow Pages listing for London dance schools

Sekai (VF: 466.2013-0-1)
Nova Scotia-based dance artist
Personal correspondence

Series 8:08 (VF: 467.2013-0-1)
Toronto-based performance workshop founded by Sarah Chase, Michael du Maresq and Michelle Silagy (1992)
Publicity materials; newsletters

Severn, Margaret (VF: 468.2013-0-1)
Born: August 14, 1901
Dancer; writer; studied with Luigi Albertieri, Mikhail Fokine, Adolf Bolm and Ruth St. Denis; eventually settled in Vancouver
Article from Dance Magazine December 1927; table of contents for book by Severn Spotlight: Letters to my Mother; videotape of The Masks of Margaret Severn by Peter Lipskis (donated by the filmmaker)

Sewell, Marilyn (Rodden) (IAR)
Born: 1930s, Barrie, Ontario
Dancer; performed with Nesta Toumine’s Ottawa Ballet Company c. 1940s and National Ballet of Canada 1950s
Scrapbook “Memories: Dance in Canada 1947-1954” containing newspaper clippings, photographs and house programs regarding Ottawa Ballet Company and National Ballet of Canada (O); poster for Nesta Toumine’s Classical Ballet Company 1950s; magazine, Canadian Art, Summer 1949; photographs of National Ballet of Canada 1950s, 1960s (O); house program and newspaper clippings regarding Second Canadian Ballet Festival 1949; telegram 1949; invitation to Ambassador’s Dinner for Ballet Festival participants; souvenir program for National Ballet of Canada 1952/53; magazine article from Canadian Home Journal regarding National Ballet of Canada 1953 (O); newspaper article regarding Sewell’s youth company 1973 (O)

Issue 49

Shtatleman, Gertrude (VF: 348.2013-0-1)
Born: 1912, Russia
Dancer in Winnipeg c. 1920s; performed with Sara Baker Adelman
Biographical notes

Shifrin, Ellen (RR)
Dissertation: “Traditional French-Canadian Dance: An Analysis of Selected Iconography” 1982

Shulman, Joseph (Joey) (OS)
Administrative manager and publicist; administrator for Toronto Dance Theatre c.1970s; founder/director of The Other Agency, a publicity company in Toronto 1980s
Publicity materials; photographs; business correspondence and records regarding various Canadian and non-Canadian performing companies and organizations including National Tap Dance Company of Canada, LA LA LA Human Steps, Dance in Canada Association, Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers, Toronto Dance Theatre, Bibi Caspari, Danse Partout, Shumka Dancers, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Cocolerio Umbrella, Jeff Hyslop, Cullberg Ballet, Cheremosh, Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal, Cleveland Ballet, Banff Press Conferences

Sidimus, Joysanne (VF: 211.2012-0-2, 211.2012-0-2; books: OS)
Dancer with National Ballet of Canada; founder of Dancer Transition Resource Centre
Artist agreements (American Guild of Musical Artists, Actors’ Equity Association, and National Ballet Guild of Canada); National Ballet and Stratford Festival performance schedules; French program at Stratford Festival 1964; rehearsal schedules; letter from Celia Franca; National Ballet of Canada programs 1964-1967; newspaper review; Canadian Opera Company Program 1967; negatives labelled National Ballet of Canada; black and white and colour photographs of National Ballet of Canada dancers 1960s; books (see DCD Library List)

Simpson, Catherine (VF: 291.2012-0-1)
Born: c. 1900, South Sheilds, Durham, England; Died: November 24, 1966, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Teacher in Sault Ste. Marie 1960s; founder/director of Simpson’s School of Dancing c. 1929
House programs from various school recitals from 1929-1966; personal correspondence; photographs (O)

Singha, Rina (VF: 499.2013-0-1; RR: D37; EA)
Born: January 7, 1937, Calcutta, India
Dancer; choreographer; teacher; artistic director; ethnologist; writer; founder; of Kathak Institute
Bio; CV; newspaper clippings (PC); photographs (O&PC&E); flyers; brochures

ETDC/EDTC: “Rina Singha” by Nadine Saxton
Canadian Dance: Visions and Stories: “The Rebel Goddess: An Investigation of the Shift in Narrative in Indian Classical Dance” by Sarala Dandekar

Issue 64

Slater, Josephine
Born: April 15, 1915, Vancouver, British Columbia; Died: May 24, 1955, New Westminster, British Columbia
Dancer; teacher; studied with Adolph Bolm and Mara McBirney; founder/director of Lynden Studios of Dancing (1930s); editor of Lynden Monthly Bulletin; taught Norbert Vesak
See Ellen Andrews; Norbert Vesak

ETDC/EDTC: “Josephine Slater” by Deborah Meyers

Slobodian, Michael (VF: 292.2012-0-1)
Photographs used in ETDC/EDTC and Coleman Lemieux & Co. Reconstructing/La Reprise de James Kudelka’s 15 Heterosexual Duets

Small, Holly (VF: 470.2013-0-1)
Dancer; choreographer; teacher
Brochures; house programs

ETDC/EDTC: “Holly Small” by Paula Citron

Smith, Andréa (VF: 471.2013-0-1)
Dancer; co-founder of Dancemakers
Publicity materials

Smith, Debbie (VF: 472.2013-0-1)
Dancer; charter member of 15 Dancers
“Fifteen” performance contracts; 15 Dancers house program1972; “Fifteen” performance poster (PC)

Smith, Lois (IAR; O1; RR: D37; OS)
Born: October 8, 1929, Vancouver, British Columbia; Died: January 22, 2011, Sechelt, British Columbia
Dancer; teacher; choreographer; artistic director; charter member of National Ballet of Canada; founder of Lois Smith School of Dance; director of George Brown College Department of Dance
Newspaper clippings regarding Smith’s career; biographical notes and chronology; eulogy for Ken Peirson written by Smith; correspondence; postcard; CV; photographs, negatives, slides of Rosemary Deveson’s students, Theatre Under the Stars productions, Los Angeles Civic Light Opera productions, Song of Norway tour, National Ballet of Canada productions; biographical notes; choreographic and rehearsal notes; contracts 1947-1987; poster; flyers; certificates; Commemorative Medal, 125th Anniversary of Canada; costume designs; magazines; souvenir programs; house programs; Lois Smith Dance Foundation seal; trophy from Burnaby’s Best Baby Contest 1930; 2 pairs of child’s ballet shoes 1930s; 1 pair of black ballet slippers; 1 pair of bronzed pointe shoes; guest book from investiture as an Officer of the Order of Canada; framed cross-stitched ballet slippers; framed house program from first performance of 15 Dancers; cocktail dresses; tutu; books Canada’s National Ballet by Herbert Whittaker (1967, McClelland and Stewart); Swan Lake by Marion Robertson (1947, Newman Wolsey Ltd.); regarding Lois Smith School of Dance: brochures, business records, photographs, newspaper clippings, school newsletters; regarding Lois Smith’s personal life: wedding album (married to David Adams); hospital bills for daughter Janine’s birth, divorce papers, photographs, slides, negatives, passports; scope: 1929-1988

ETDC/EDTC: “Lois Smith” by Graham Jackson

Issues 7, 20, 37, 66, 72

Artifact of the Month: Lois Smith's “Burnaby's Best Baby” Trophy

Smith, Santee (VF: 473.2013-0-1)
Dancer; choreographer; founder of Kaha:wi Dance Theatre (2001)
Publicity materials for Kaha:wi Dance Theatre

Choreographic Dialogues: Santee Smith

Sorel, Ruth (Abromowitz) (VF: 294.2012-0-1)
Born: 1907, Halle, Germany; Died: 1974, Warsaw, Poland
Choreographer; artistic director; dancer; teacher; trained and danced with Mary Wigman 1920s; founder/director of Les Ballets Ruth Sorel/Ruth Sorel Modern Dance Group
Souvenir program for Les Ballets Ruth Sorel c. 1950; house programs for Ruth Sorel Ballet of Montreal 1949 (PC) and Third Canadian Ballet Festival 1950 (O); newspaper clippings regarding Sorel c. 1950 (PC); student assignment including brief autobiographical notes and bibliography of resources regarding Sorel; photograph of advertisement for Sorel and George Groke’s North American tour 1930s (E)

ETDC/EDTC: “Ruth Sorel” by Iro Valaskakis Tembeck

    Issue 71

Sorrell, Marjorie (OS)
Teacher; artistic director of Bayview School of Ballet (1969); trained with Mildred Wickson, Celia Franca and Betty Oliphant; performed with Canadian National Exhibition dancers
Notebooks, receipts, invoices, correspondence, notes, ads and clippings regarding Bayview School of Ballet from 1966; notes, correspondence and meeting minutes regarding the Grade 12 Classical Theatrical Dance Credit; ads and brochures for various dance schools (including clippings and brochures for Rita Warne’s Wilderness Ballet Camp at Aylen Lake); clippings, brochures, photographs regarding Mascha Den Bak Stom; a conference kit for “Direction Ontario”, Canadian Conference of the Arts, January 19-21, 1973; various house programs and Scene magazines including one autographed by Celia Franca (includes National Ballet of Canada, National Tap Dance Company, Janet Baldwin, Dance Centre Workshop Company, Linda Rabin’s White Goddess) 1970-1980; correspondence, conference information, conference/meeting kits regarding Dance in Canada Association; scrapbook regarding 1977 Dance in Canada Conference in Winnipeg; audio cassette recording of CBC summary of DICA’s 1977 conference features William Littler and Grant Strate; correspondence, administration, research notes and two issues regarding Dance Ontario News; clippings, house program and ticket stub for Veronica Tennant’s last performance; book Melissa Hayden, Ballerina by Rasa Gustaitis; magazines: Dance in Canada, No. 11, winter 1977; The City, The Toronto Star Sunday Magazine, April 16, 1978; posters: Caspari Company and York Dance Department; numerous clippings regarding dance in Canada 1950s-1990s (approximately 40 percent of the clippings regard National Ballet of Canada, others cover topics such as modern dance, dance teaching and Baryshnikov’s defection from Russia); one pair of pink fish net stockings; lamb’s wool

Souhair (VF: 478.2013-0-1)
Founder of Souhair Dance Troupe (1989)
House program for "Definitely Not Ballet: A Lively Evening of Belly Dancing" 2009

Spafford, Margaret (née McBain) (VF: 293.2012-0-1)
Born: April 16, 1910, Ontario
Dancer in Toronto 1930s
Biographical notes; list of dancers from the Uptown Theatre

“A newspaper geared towards the experimental arts, focused on dance” published bi-monthly by 15 Dance Lab (1976-1979)
Complete set

Spohr, Arnold (VF: 190.2010-0-1, 190.2010-0-2, 190.2010-0-3; EA)
Born: December 26, 1923, Rhein, Saskatchewan; Died: April 12, 2010, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Artistic director of Royal Winnipeg Ballet (1958-1988); teacher; choreographer; dancer with Royal Winnipeg Ballet (1940s-1950s)
Photographs (O&E); souvenir programs for Jacob’s Pillow 1963, Royal Winnipeg Ballet 1960; notebook of quotations collected by Spohr; galley proof of An Instinct for Success: Arnold Spohr and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet with Spohr’s markings; correspondence; documents related to Arnold Sphor tribute; invitation and programs from memorial service

ETDC/EDTC: “Arnold Spohr” by Max Wyman
Instinct for Success: Arnold Spohr and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet by Michael Crabb

Issues 48, 54, 57, 69

Squire, Thelma (VF: 608.2014-0-1)
1920s elocuitionist
Publicity card; Lyceum Concert Association membership card 1927

St. John’s, Newfoundland (VF: 475.2013-0-1)
Research compiled by Amy Bowring to include: newspaper clippings from The Daily Newspaper of Newfoundland c. 1890s (PC); encyclopedia excerpts regarding the Galway Sisters and other Newfoundland dance schools; house programs for Tableaux Vivants 1887, Terra Nova’s Offering to Britannia 1916, Academy of Our Lady of Mercy (Miss Galway’s dancing school) 1939 (PC); “Dance History of St. John’s Newfoundland” by Amy Bowring: a chronology of dance venues and schools 1922-1995 and library resource list re: books on Newfoundland Dance / Music; brochure for STAGE (an archiving project to maintain and compile performing arts history of Newfoundland); magazine clipping regarding the Connie Parsons School of Dance (O); itemized list of the Lois Brown Collection at the Centre for Newfoundland Studies Archives; biographical notes and itemized lists regarding the following portfolios: Neighbourhood Dance Works, Agnes Walsh, Cathy Ferri, Lois Brown, Peggy Hogan

Renegade Bodies: Canadian Dance in the 1970s: “Tradition and Innovation during Newfoundland’s Cultural Revolution” by Kristin Harris Walh

Stadelman, Sara Lee (VF: 296.2012-0-1)
Actor; writer; choreographer; character model; trained at Bennington College with Hanya Holm and at the Graham School with Martha Graham; creator of theatre form Choreologia
Brochure; “Sara Lee Stadelman: Christian Artist, a personal appreciation” by Paul MacKan; correspondence; house programs (PC); program covers (PC); newspaper clippings 1960s-1990s

Staines, Mavis (VF: 295.2012-0-1)
Born: April 9, 1954, Glen Sutton, Quebec
Teacher; dancer; artistic director and principal of Canada’s National Ballet School
Personal correspondence; manuscript; “What Future for Classical Dance” by Mavis Staines

ETDC/EDTC: “Mavis Staines” by Penelope Reed Doob

Stanley-Harris, Daphne (Korol) (VF: 178.2010-0-1)
Born: August 25, 1924, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Choreographer; director; teacher; actor
CV; newspaper clippings (PC); Winnipeg City Council Agenda (1994); Dance Manitoba Newsletter 1995; photographs; correspondence; completed information sheet for Encyclopedia of Theatre Dance in Canada; documents regarding the dedication of Pantages Playhouse Theatre’s Multi-Purpose Room to Taras and Daphne Korol

Issue 40

Royal Winnipeg Ballet Alumni

Staples, Everett (VF)
Born: September 11, 1913, Treherne Town, Manitoba
Dancer; designer; performer in WWII troop shows
Oral history; biographical notes; newspaper clipping regarding Canadian fashion designer Madame Martha 1941

Issue 40 (Dancing at the War)

Stearns, Linda (IAR; RR: C1)
Born: October 22, 1937, Toronto, Ontario; Died: July 4, 2003, Toronto, Ontario
Teacher; dancer; ballet mistress; rehearsal director; artistic director of Les Grands Ballet Canadiens; retired 1989
Photographs; newspaper clippings; class notes and journals; correspondence; recommendation letters written by Linda Stearns; house programs; souvenir programs; obituaries; arts council assessments and jury notes; RAD syllabi; books; magazines; pointe shoes; castanets; rehearsal directing notes; newspaper clippings and/or correspondence regarding John Butler, James Kudelka, Kimberly Glasco, Ballet Jörgen, Maxine Glorsky, Christopher Dean and Jayne Torvill; regarding Bettina Byers: photographs, newspaper clippings, house programs, correspondence between Bettina Byers and Irina Baronova (1937-1952); regarding Les Grands Ballets Canadiens: photographs, newspaper clippings, business records, marketing records, artistic director's reports, contracts, correspondence, artistic committee minutes, speeches, press releases, tour schedules, rehearsal schedules, casting notes, teaching notes, correspondence with guest teachers, notes on ballets, correspondence regarding Linda Stearns's retirement

ETDC/EDTC: “Linda Stearns” by Linde Howe-Beck

    Issues 56, 58

Pages in History: Linda Stearns

Sternberg, Amy (IAR: 341.2013-1-1 through 341.2013-1-25; O1; RR: D44)
Born: 1880 Montreal, Quebec; Died: 1935, Toronto, Ontario
Early Toronto dance teacher
Correspondence; biographical notes; drafts of Jean Tilley's article "Toronto's First School of Ballet" (the Sternberg studio); Hehner Family History (including the Sterberg family); attestation paper for Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force, signed 1915 by Frank Joshua Sternberg (PC); photographs (O&PC); slides; brochure for Miss Barngum's Gymnasium (Montreal); brochures for the Sternberg studio; house programs; newspaper clippings; musical scores; notebooks; certificates; calling cards; article on Olga Fricker and her work with the Cecchetti method (PC); obituary for Mrs. H.B. Somers (PC); watercolour sketches; autograph books; silver napkin rings; books; pins

ETDC/EDTC: “Amy Sternberg” by Mary Jane Warner

Issues 26, 59

Artifact of the Month: A Jester's Marotte - A Stage Prop from the Amy Sternberg Collection

Sternberg, Sarah
Born: 1875, Montreal, Quebec; Died: 1966
See: Amy Sternberg

Sterndale-Bennett (Church), Hilda (VF: 297.2012-0-1)
Born: 1902, Toronto, Ontario; Died: 1980, Vancouver, British Columbia
Dancer; teacher; actress; danced with Chicago Ballet
CV; correspondence regarding acquisition of materials regarding Sterndale-Bennett, some includes biographical info; annual report of the British Canadian Trust Company (Lethbridge, Alberta)

Strate, Grant (VF: 191.2010-0-1, 191.2010-0-2; RR: D17; EA)
Born: December 7, 1927, Cardston, Alberta
Educator; choreographer; teacher; dancer; charter member of National Ballet of Canada
Photographs (O&E); photo of Kay Ambrose; newspaper clippings 2007 (PC); house program for 80th birthday celebrations 2007, Trackings 1978; notes regarding photos for Grant Strate: A Memoir

ETDC/EDTC: “Grant Strate” by Max Wyman
Grant Strate: A Memoir by Grant Strate
China Dance Journal by Grant Strate
Guide to Career Training in the Dance Arts by Grant Strate (out of print but reference copy available at DCD)
Renegade Bodies: Canadian Dance in the 1970s: “First Moves: Founding the York University Dance Program” by Carol Anderson

Issues 34, 37, 40, 43, 44, 53, 66

Stirling, Betty (VF: 474.2013-0-1)
House program for a recital by Stirling’s pupils

Stock, Dorothy (VF: 476.2013-0-1)
Hamilton-based dance teacher, 1930s
House programs 1936 and 1938; brochure for The Dorothy Stock Studios 1937-1938 season

Stone, Richard (VF: 477.2013-0-1)
Research assistant for the Ballets Russes in Australia Project for the National Library of Australia
Correspondence ; research regarding the Ballets Russes in Australia; press release from the Royal Ontario Museum regarding Francisco Alvarez

Strobel, Fredrick (VF: 347.2013-0-1)
Born: November 7, 1935; Died: February 16, 2002
Dancer with Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Chicago Opera Ballet, National Ballet of Washington
Bio; photograph (print)

Stroud, Daniel (OS)
Owner of Posterity Graphics framing shop
Dance Posters 1900-1980 (exhibit poster original artwork plus several copies): Ballet of the 20th Century, Stravinsky-Boulez, Romeo and Juliet, O’Keefe Centre; Ballet of the 20th Century (general); Ballet of the 20th Century 1969; Murray Louis Dance Company; Rambert at the Wells, Sadlers Wells Theatre; The Joffrey Ballet, Kennedy Center Opera House 1984; The Joffrey Ballet (general); Les Ballets Africains, Mark Hellenger Theater, New York; Alvin Ailey City Center Dance Theater, Sadler’s Wells Theatre 1973; Teatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro, Cinderela; The Bolshoi, Lincoln Center; Ballet Nacional de Cuba 1974; Stars of the Bolshoi Ballet; Cincinnati Ballet (duplicates); The Boston Ballet, La Sylphide, Uris Theater, New York; Feld Ballet; Louis Falco Dance Company, Sadlers Wells Theatre; Paul Taylor Dance Company, National Arts Centre; Stars of the Royal Conservatory of Music, Centennial Benefit Concert, Roy Thomson Hall 1987; Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Ecstasy of Rita Joe, O’Keefe Centre; Royal Winnipeg Ballet (general); Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Nutcracker 1981; Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Russian tour (duplicates); Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Rodeo, National Arts Centre 1983; Les Feux-Follets 1967 (Festival Canada); Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers, Spy (with Judith Lander), Leah Posluns Theatre (duplicates); Toronto Dance Festival, Toronto Dance Theatre, TWP Theatre 1976; Toronto Dance Festival, Margaret Dragu, TWP Theatre 1976; Toronto Dance Festival, Kathryn Brown, TWP Theatre 1976; Toronto Dance Festival, Judy Jarvis, TWP Theatre 1976; Toronto Dance Festival, Dancemakers, TWP Theatre 1976; Toronto Dance Theatre, TWP Theatre, early 1970s; Toronto Dance Theatre with Toronto Repertory Orchestra, St. Lawrence Centre; Toronto Dance Theatre, Legend, L’Assassin Menacé, MacMillan Theatre; Toronto Dance Theatre, MacMillan Theatre; Toronto Dance Theatre (general with artwork by John Fraser [image of Claudia Moore?]); Toronto Dance Theatre (same artwork as above) Nighthalks, Quartet, MacMillan Theatre; Toronto Dance Theatre, O’Laughlin Auditorium, St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame 1974; Toronto Dance Theatre (general); Toronto Dance Theatre, MacMillan Theatre, Edward Johnson Building; Masque: An Evening of Dance, New Works by Toronto Dance Theatre Members, Castlefrank High School Auditorium; Toronto Dance Theatre with Toronto Repertory Orchestra, Hart House Theatre 1969; Toronto Dance Theatre (general: Claudia Moore, Charles Flanders in artwork); Toronto Dance Theatre (general: image from David Earle’s Quartet); Toronto Dance Theatre (general: image of Barry Smith in David Earle’s Boat, River, Moon) (duplicates); Toronto Dance Theatre 5th Anniversary Season, MacMillan Theatre 1972 (duplicates); Toronto Dance Theatre, Atlantis, MacMillan Theatre; School of Toronto Dance Theatre, Babar, National Arts Centre; Entre-Six, Leah Posluns Theatre c. 1975 (duplicates – also general version); Entre-Six, Leah Posluns Theatre (duplicates); Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Carmina Burana, O’Keefe Centre; Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Tommy, Le Grand théâtre de Québec; Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, The Nutcracker/Casse-Noisette, National Arts Centre (1977, 1983 or 1988); Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Hangman’s Reel, The Marvellous Mandarin, Soaring, Capriccio, 1980 or 1986, National Arts Centre; Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Silver and the Circle of Messages, Pas de Deux, Jardin aux Lilas, Dawns and Dusks, National Arts Centre; The National Ballet of Canada, Nureyev, O’Keefe Centre; The National Ballet of Canada, Nureyev, O’Keefe Centre; The National Ballet of Canada, “Come to the Ballet” (duplicates); The National Ballet of Canada (artwork for mini posters); The National Ballet of Canada Ballet Ball 1990 (duplicates); The National Ballet of Canada, The Nutcracker (duplicates); The National Ballet of Canada, mixed program (Alexander Grant, AD), National Arts Centre; The National Ballet of Canada, The Nutcracker (general) (duplicates); The National Ballet of Canada, Life Dance, O’Keefe Centre 1983; The National Ballet of Canada, general 1981; The National Ballet of Canada, Swan Lake (Reid Anderson, AD), O’Keefe Centre; The National Ballet of Canada, Romeo and Juliet (Karen Kain and Frank Augustyn), O’Keefe Centre (performance schedule on reverse); The National Ballet of Canada, Choreographic Workshop, Ryerson Theatre; The National Ballet of Canada, Don Quixote, The Dream, Hedda, Offenbach, National Arts Centre; Festival Internazionale del balleto, The National Ballet of Canada, Teatro comunale dell’opera di Genova 1980; Karen Kain by Ciancio; Karen Kain Lady of Dance by David Street 1983 (never released); The National Tap Dance Company of Canada, The Tin Soldier (duplicates); Daniel Léveillée, (National tour: Winnipeg, Vancouver, Toronto, Peterborough, Ottawa), National Arts Centre, 1984 or 1989 (duplicates); Le Groupe Nouvelle Aire, Centaur II, 1976 Olympics; Canadian Children’s Dance Theatre, Leah Posluns Theatre 1981 (company premiere); Canadian Dance Drama Company, Siddhartha, TWP Theatre c. 1973; Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal, National Arts Centre c. 1983; Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal (general) (duplicates); Canadian Gala Premiere of That’s Dancing 1985

Studio 303 (VF: 479.2013-0-1)
Founded in 1989
Publicity materials; newsletters; house programs

Sullivan, Françoise (IAR: 313.2012-1-1 through 313.2012-1-6; RR: D37)
Born: June 10, 1925, Montreal, Quebec
Dancer; choreographer; teacher; sculptor; painter; designer; member of Les Automatistes; contributor to Le Refus Global; performed with Les Ballets-Québec; studied with Franziska Boas and Hanya Holm
See also ENCORE! ENCORE! Reconstructions
Photographs of Boas Dance Group, portraits and photographs of Sullivan in New York and Montreal (PC&E); ENCORE! ENCORE! research notes; newspaper clippings (PC&E); oral history; choreographic drawings/floor plans; magazine clippings; house programs (PC&E)

ETDC/EDTC: “Francoise Sullivan” by Iro Valaskakis Tembeck
From Automatism to Modern Dance: Françoise Sullivan with Franziska Boas in New York by Allana Lindgren

Issues 3, 55, 60

ENCORE! ENCORE! Exhibition: “Françoise Sullivan: Infinite Originality” curated by Allana Lindgren
“Jeanne Renaud: Interdisciplinary Innovation” curated by Ray Ellenwood and Allana Lindgren

Sullivan, Pauline (VF: 214.2012-0-1)
Born: c. 1915
Dancer; performed with Boris Volkoff’s group at 1936 Berlin Olympics
Sketch of Volkoff Ballet Mala; postcard c. 1940; personal correspondence; newspaper clippings and performance announcements c. 1933-1936, 1939, 1941(O&PC); German magazine featuring 1936 Olympics (O); booklet “Directions for the Opening Ceremony of the XIth Olympiad Berlin 1936” (O); brochure for Berlin Olympics (O); cruise menus and entertainment programs (Canadian Pacific 1936 – one signed by Volkoff dancers); The Greeter Guide, April 21, 1941; house programs for Mildred Wickson Studio of Dancing 1933, Boris Volkoff 1931-1941, The Board of the Royal Academy of Dance Club Leap Year Dance 1940

Issue 57

Sutcliffe, Alison (Brigden) (IAR: 209.2012-1-1 through 209.2012-16-284; RR: D17)
Born: May 29, 1909, Toronto, Ontario; Died: December 30, 2011, Toronto, Ontario
Ballet, Modern and Spanish dancer; teacher; studied with Mildred Marsh, Leon Leonidoff, Florence Rogge, Michel Fokine, Nicolas Legat, Phyllis Bedells, Kurt Jooss, Mary Wigman, Martha Graham; taught dance for Toronto Conservatory of Music 1930s; taught Bettina Byers; director /choreographer for Hart House Theatre 1930s
Photographic prints and negatives; teaching and choreographic notes; studio brochures and flyers; newspaper clippings; correspondence with Mildred Marsh, Blair Cutting, Dorothy Goulding, Phyllis Bedells, Bettina Byers, Fred Coates, Madeline (Leweck) Agnini, Estelle Cohen, Margaret Curtis, Edward Harrington, Lillian Moore, Molly de Passos, Martin Penny, Helen Stearns, Marjorie Haskins, Lorna Sheard, Dorothy Goulding (and her daughters), Barbara Chilcott, Marion Hobday Allen; receipts; travel documents; costume designs; personal recollections/memoirs; series of 1930s Christmas cards; attendance records; address book; date books; study notes (music, dance, anatomy, Eurhythmics, Labanotation, composition); costuming notes; RAD syllabi; letters home from New York written on the backs of playbills from the Metropolitan Opera House 192-1929; pointe shoes; soft ballet slippers; skirt for Two Lovers by Alison Sutcliffe; tulle slip; Spanish dance comb; silk stockings; cotton leotard; photograph of Irina Baronova and portrait of Alison Sutcliffe by Allan Sangster 1935; photograph of Bettina Byers by Norma Cowley 1935; musical scores; published dances by Michel Fokine; sketches; souvenir programs; house programs; magazines (finding aid available); scope: 1920s-1960s

Issue 60

ENCORE! ENCORE! Exhibition: “Alison Sutcliffe: Terpsichorean Adventurer” curated by Amy Bowring

Sutcliffe, Sara (AR: 198.2010-1C-1)
Niece of Alison Sutcliffe
Photographs of Janet Baldwin (one by John Steele)

Sutherland, Edith(VF: 480.2013-0-1 )
Born: 1907
Donated by Marina Sutherland
Photographs; dance program card; medals from Arthur Murray Studios; correspondence




In 1983, under the banner ENCORE! ENCORE!, research was begun into choreographies created by Canadian dance artists working in the 1940s and 1950s for the purposes of preserving their works through reconstruction, notation, videotape and photography. (READ MORE)




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