Wace, Lionel (VF: 369.2013-0-1)
Connected to Canadian School of Ballet in Kelowna, British Columbia
Correspondence regarding Canadian School of Ballet, Gweneth Lloyd and Betty Farrally

Wagner, Anton (VF: 606.2014-0-1)
Theatre historian; Voaden scholar
Slides from Herman Voaden productions; posters and house programs for Viennese Dancers 1950

Wait, Elena (VF: 370.2013-0-1)
Inventory list of donated books 1994; script “Kinephonia”; information regarding Elsa Galafrès

Wales, Gordon (VF: 327.2013-0-1; IAR)
Born: Vancouver, British Columbia
Dancer with Theatre Under the Stars, Winnipeg Ballet, Royal Winnipeg Ballet
Scrapbooks; oral history; newspaper clippings 1948-1954 (O&PC); house programs and photographs (PC) regarding Royal Winnipeg Ballet and Theatre Under the Stars; Chorus Equity Association contract; house programs including for BC School of Dancing: Stars of ’48, Yvonne Firkins recital 1950, Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo 1938, Lynn Seymour presented by Vancouver Ballet Society, Mara McBirney Dance Productions c1950s, Sadler’s Wells Ballet 1953; souvenir program for Fifth Canadian Ballet Festival 1953 (O); house program, flyer, newspaper clippings regarding Fourth Canadian Ballet Festival; plane ticket to Vancouver and various train ticket stubs; membership cards for Theatre Under the Stars 1950, Canadian Ballet Festival 1952, Chorus Equity Association 1952; Celebrity News magazine March, October, November 1952 (O); Western Tour Schedule c. 1954; contracts with Royal Winnipeg Ballet (1953) and Chorus Equity Association (1954)

Walker, David (VF: 371.2013-0-1)
Born: October 25, 1916; Died: May 1, 1994
Danced with National Ballet of Canada; assistant to four National Ballet of Canada directors
Obituaries; photograph (O); correspondence

Walker, Doreen and John (VF: 372.2013-0-1))
John Walker: Born: 1932, Niagara Falls, Ontario
Doreen Walker: Born: March 3, 1923
Founders of Niagara Youth Studio (1969)
CVs for John and Doreen; handbills; business cards; house programs; studio information and mandate; scripts with notes; tickets; set designs (O); correspondence

Walling, Savannah (VF: 303.2012-0-1)
Correspondence ; articles written by Savannah Walling; Canadian Theatre Review Fall 1996 (contains article on Vancouver Moving Theatre); house program for The Downtown Eastside Community Play

Wang, Wen Wei (VF: 622.2014-0-1)
Born: China
Dancer; choreographer; artistic director
Excerpt from article “Dance Dance Revolution: The hottest names in Canadian contemporary dance” by Paula Citron 2009; house programs

Enter, Dancing: Narratives of Migration: Wen Wei Wang

Warne, Rita (MacDonald) (VF: 623.2014-0-1)
Born: October 17, 1906, Southampton, England; Died: October 24, 2000, Toronto, Ontario
Dancer; teacher; studied with and principal dancer for Volkoff Canadian Ballet; founder of Toronto Ballet School (1946-1960s) and The Wilderness Ballet Camp (1950)
Obituary (O&PC)

Warner, Mary-Jane (VF: 625.2014-0-1)
Dance historian; author; teacher
Research for book Toronto Dance Teachers: 1825-1925

Toronto Dance Teachers 1825-1925 by Mary-Jane Warner

Issues 38, 44 (articles by Warner)

Dance Historian of the Month: Mary-Jane Warner

Warren, Vincent (VF: 626.2014-0-1; EA)
Born: August 31, 1938
Dancer; teacher; dance historian; danced with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens; curator of La Bibliothèque de la danse Vincent-Warren (L’école supérieure de ballet contemporaine de Montréal)
Photographs (O & laser copy); newspaper clippings; souvenir programs for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens

ETDC/EDTC: “Vincent Warren” by Kathryn Greenaway

Issues 18, 30 (article by Vincent Warren), 33, 57 (article by Vincent Warren), 58, 72

Dance Historian of the Month: Vincent Warren
Vincenet Warren - A Personal Collection

Watson, Vera (VF: 624.2014-0-1)
House program 1923

Weidman, Charles (VF: 627.2014-0-1)
Born: 1901, Lincoln, Nebraska; Died: 1975, New York
Dancer; choreographer; teacher; artistic director; studied at Denishawn school; co-founder of Humphrey-Weidman Dance Company and technique; Canadian Saida Gerrard performed with his company in 1930s and 1940s
Biographical notes from interview with Saida Gerrard

Weir Robbins, Alice (VF: 342.2013-0-1)
Born: November 19, 1903, Rat Portage (Kenora), Ontario; Died: April 4, 2003, St. Norbert (Winnipeg), Manitoba
Dancer; teacher
Obituary (O&PC)

Welch, Lillian (VF: 009.2008-0-1; IAR: 009.2008-O1-2, 009.2005-O1-3)
Born: England
Studied Greek Dancing with Gweneth Lloyd in England and became a physical education teacher at Rupert’s Land College, Winnipeg c. 1928-1930s
Donated by Sandy Anderton, Welch’s daughter
Recital programs for concerts presented by Lillian Welch in Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1934 & 1935 (O); photographs of dancers (possibly at Liverpool Physical Training College or Winnipeg) late 1920s, Welch, students of Rupert’s Land College and their recitals c. 1930s (PC); personal correspondence between DCD and Balmoral Hall School (formerly Rupert’s Land College) Archives; Balmoral Hall archives newsletters with mention of Farrally and Lloyd & photo of Les Sylphides mounted by Betty Farrally on Rupert’s Land College’s senior class; Rupert’s Land College newsletters 1929-1930 with articles written by Welch including photographs of physical training classes; correspondence containing biographical notes regarding Welch’s early life in Liverpool before moving to Winnipeg c. 1927; notes regarding electronic file

Weller, David (VF: 374.2013-0-1)
Born: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Dancer with Regina Modern Dance Works and Halifax Dance Co-op
Photo negatives; contact sheets; posters
See also Regina Modern Dance Works

Westlake, Marilyn (VF: 375.2013-0-1)
Photographs and contact sheets of Judy Jarvis c. 1981; contact sheets for Dance in Canada 1984

Westlake, Shirley (Jones) (VF: 376.2013-0-1)
Dancer 1920s
Photographs (PC)

Weyms, Clara Elizabeth “Beth” (IAR: 323.2013-1-1 through 323.2013-2-50, O1; RR: D37)
Born: c. 1903, Toronto,, Ontario; Died: c. 1986
Dancer 1920s: vaudeville, Leon Leonidoff, Savoy touring company, The Doris Humphrey Dancers; teacher in Toronto
Newspaper clippings; tickets; correspondence; photographs; autograph book 1925-1931; house programs for deBasil’s Ballets Russes, Vaughan Glaser, Amy Sternberg, Arts and Letters Club, David Lichine Ballet Co., Women’s League of Health and Beauty 1936, Weyms’s school recitals; Royal Academy of Dancing syllabus notes; Sadler’s Wells Ballet teacher training brochure; music scores; Young Dancer magazines 1930s; Vaughan Glaser Players Bulletin 1923-1927

Wherry, Sheila (VF: 377.2013-0-1)
Visual artist and designer; designed mask for Boris Volkoff’s Mala (1936)
Audiotape; biographical notes; Mala mask

Issue 45 (colour photo of mask)

Whittaker, Herbert (VF: 364.2013-0-1)
Born: 1910, Montreal, Quebec; Died: September 9, 2006, Toronto, Ontario
Writer; critic; Critic Emeritus of the Globe and Mail
Correspondence re: role and nature of the critic; newspaper clippings of Whittaker articles from “Showbusiness” column 1950s (PC); house program and poster for Herbert a biographical play put on at Hart House 2000; slide; house program from West Hill High School 1937 (Whittaker is listed as costume and set designer)

Issue 17

Wickson, Mildred (VF: 628.2014-0-1)
Born: 1907, Milton, Ontario; Died: November 7, 1984, Aurora, Ontario
Dancer; teacher; choreographer; danced with Boris Volkoff; performed at 1936 Berlin Olympics; founding member of Canadian Dance Teachers’ Association; founded Mildred Wickson Studio
Correspondence from sister Ethelwyn with brief history; house program for Mildred Wickson Studio of Dancing recital June 14, 1951 (PC)

ETDC/EDTC: “Mildred Wickson” by Freda Crisp

Issue 1

Wigman, Mary (VF: 607.2014-0-1)
Born: November 13, 1886, Hanover, Germany; Died: September 18, 1973, West Berlin, West Germany
German Expressionist dance artist
Souvenir program c. 1929 (O); house program for Mary Wigman and her Dance Group at the Winnipeg Playhouse 1933 (PC)
See also Judy Jarvis, Sarah Nixon Gasyna, Alison Sutcliffe

Wilder, Mary (Bosley) (IAR: 213.2012-1-1 through 213.2012-1-10; O1)
Dancer for Boris Volkoff; travelled to 1936 Berlin Olympics with Volkoff Canadian Ballet
Souvenirs from 1936 Berlin Olympics: pin, scarf, book about the history of Berlin (in German), Wir tanzen (trans. ‘We Dance’) souvenir brochure, restaurant menu; scrapbook of Berlin Olympics containing newspaper clippings, programs, photographs, Olympics photo I.D.card, brochures for Olympics, magazine clippings of Berlin tourist sites; menu and program from performance on the Empress cruise ship; musical score; house programs for Volkoff performance at Berlin Olympics, symphony concerts at Berlin Olympics (July 18 & 25, 1936), Kurt Jooss European Ballet at Massey Hall November 1937, Volkoff performance at University of Toronto Arena October 24, 1940; scrapbook regarding Volkoff Canadian Ballet; photo album includes photographs of Berlin Olympics and Jean Macpherson’s students (E); oral history

Issues 2, 9, 40, 45, 62

Wildman, Julia (VF: 378.2013-0-1)
Dancer; actor
Magazine articles c. 1965; workshop program; newspaper clippings c. 1965; photograph of Boris Volkoff (O)

Williams, Robert Sinclair (RR)
Dissertation: “The Rediscovery and Reprinting of Dancing, A Lost Nineteenth-Century Dance Periodical” 1990

Williamson, Mary (VF: 196.2010-0-1, RR:196.2010-C1-2)
Newspaper clippings regarding dancer Cissy Fitzgerald 1897 (PC); articles; chapter excerpt c. 1945; booklet “Ballroom Companion and Guide to Dancing” 1871 (PC); book Book of the Victorian Ball 1898; book Bibliographie de la Danse Théâtrale au Canada by Pierre Guillmette c. 1970; Maud Allan postcards; sheet music cover for The Opera Polka as danced by Carlotta Grisi and Jules Perrot, published by Nordheimer c. 1844; handwritten notes by Williamson describing the sheet music cover

Windreich, Leland (IAR: 11.2010-1-1 through 11.2010-3-73)
Born: 1926; Died: 2012
Writer; librarian
Photographs of Leland Windreich, Ian Gibson, Karen Conrad, June Roper, Jean Hunt, Rosemary Deveson, Patricia Meyers, Freddie Franklin, Tamara Toumanova, Nora Kaye, Leonide Massine, André Eglevsky, Mary Ellen Moylan, Alicia Alonso, Alicia Markova, Tatiana Riabouchinska, Mia Slavenska, Irina Baronova, Lois Smith and David Adams, among others; newspaper clippings; reviews; manuscript “June Roper 1906-1991: A Biography”; correspondence with Agnes de Mille, Patricia Neary, among others; articles by Windreich; reviews; resume and short biography; promotional material for dance conferences; Vancouver Opera House Empress Theatre Serge de Diaghileff's Ballets Russes house program; telegrams (PC); Windreich's research notes; George Balanchine's last will and testament (PC); magazines; conference proceedings; scrapbook

June Roper: Ballet Starmaker by Leland Windreich
Dance Encounters (Out of Print) by Leland Windreich
Dancing for de Basil Letters to her Parents from Rosemary Deveson, 1938-1940 compiled and edited by Leland Windreich

Issues 17, 39, 43, 47, 48, 55, 66 (articles by Leland Windreich)

Dance Historian of the Month: Leland Windreich

Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers (VF: 344.2013-0-1)
Winnipeg-based modern dance company founded by Rachel Browne (1964)
40th Anniversary images with photo descriptions; correspondence

ETDC/EDTC: “Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers” by Carol Anderson

Winnipeg Kiddies (VF)
Children’s performing theatre group founded by businessman A.H. Smith (1915-1922)
Biographical notes; newspaper clippings c. 1956; correspondence; budget for “Dancing Through Time” a play about the theatre group; Winnipeg research – list of names and potential contacts

Issue 30

Wootten, Jean (VF: 194.2010-0-1, 194.2010-0-2)
Born: April 1929, London, England; Died: April 1996, Victoria, British Columbia
Mother of dancer/teacher/choreographer Anne Wootten and dancer/teacher Claire Wootten
Souvenir programs for Royal Winnipeg Ballet 1973/74, 1977/78, 1980/81, 1981/82, National Ballet of Canada 1958/59, Anne of Green Gables at Charlottetown Festival 1976; house programs for Royal Winnipeg Ballet 1974, 1976, 1978, 1981; flyer announcing Royal Winnipeg Ballet's The Nutcracker; house program for Ballets de Marseille Roland Petit, Edmonton 1975 (dancers include Karen Kain and Serge Bennathan); house and souvenir programs for Bolshoi Ballet 1974; house programs for Rainbow Stage productions of Peter Pan 1971, Irene 1977, Fiddler on the Roof 1977, Hello Dolly 1978; souvenir programs for Stratford Festival productions of The Mikado 1984, Iolanthe 1984, The Gondoliers 1984; Stratford Festival magazine on The Pirates of Penzance (1985)

World Dance Alliance (VF: 629.2014-0-1)
Brochures from the World Dance Alliance Global Assembly, York University, 2006

Xing Dance Theatre (VF: 598.2014-0-1)
Publicity material

Yeddeau, David (VF: 599.2004-0-1)
Born: December 20, 1911, Winnipeg, Manitoba; Died: August 30, 1992
Production and stage manager for Royal Winnipeg Ballet
Newspaper clippings; lecture schedules for Yeddeau’s talks on “Ballet in Canada” for the Association of Canadian Clubs; correspondence; handbill and house program for the Canadian National Exhibition Grandstand Show, 1968; souvenir program for the 350th Anniversary Theatre, Bermuda, 1959

YMI Dancing (Young Movement Incorporated) (VF: 300.2014-0-1)
Toronto-based company founded by Pia Bouman
Publicity materials

York Dances (VF: 601.2014-0-1)
Annual dance series held by York University Dance Department
Publicity card; house program, 2013

Young Centre for the Performing Arts (VF: 602.2014-0-1)
Toronto-based performing arts venue
House program

Youth Ballet and Contemporary Dance of Saskatchewan (VF: 603.2014-0-1)
Regina-based school and performing company (formerly Youth Ballet Company of Saskatchewan) founded in 1983Brochure for summer school intensive 2009

Zaré, Sade (VF: 379.2013-0-1)
Born: 1911, Baku, Azerbaijan; Died: 1980, San Diego, California
Dancer; teacher
Correspondence; photographs/postcards

Zarif, Sashar (VF: 604.2014-0-1)
Dancer; choreographer; artistic director
Publicity material

Enter, Dancing: Narratives of Migration: Sashar Zarif

Zinck, Ione (VF: 343.2013-0-1)
Born: 1916, Russia
Teacher in Winnipeg c. 1916; opened studio in Vancouver 1920s
Correspondence with biographical history; text (via email) from school advertisement c. 1920
See also Fleurette McCuaig

Zissoff, Karen (VF: 380.2013-0-1, 380.2013-0-2)
Born: Canada
Dancer with Canadian Junior Ballet 1969-1971
CV; programs; poster; newsletters

Zufelt, Veronica (VF: 605.2014-0-1)
Newspaper and magazine clippings regarding The National Ballet of Canada; RAD syllabus notes; publicity materials; Ballet: An Instant Picture Book; The National Ballet of Canada Newsletters, Vol 1, No. 11, 1977; No. 18 (25th anniversary issue); Vol 2, No. III, 1978; and Vol 4, No. IV, 1980; Performing Arts in Canada magazine, Winter 1979




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