Prior to the 1950 Ballet Festival in Montreal, the Ontario Division of the Canadian Ballet Festival Association gave a performance at Toronto's Eaton Auditorium. This performance was a sneak preview of what the Montreal festival held in store and also raised funds for the Ontario groups participating. Entitled "", it was a tremendous success with 200 people being turned away from the Eaton Auditorium's capacity audience of 1,275. The New Dance Theatre showed the first act of That We May Live by Nancy Lima Dent and New York choreographer Alec Rubin. Herbert Whittaker described the New Dance Theatre in The Globe and Mail as the "most impressive group". Regarding That We May Live, he wrote "... what distinguished it from the other items on the program was that it had something to express." The work was about the suffering and religious persecution of Jews and Slavic people in Czarist Russia and the freedom they found through immigration to Canada. Hugh Thomson in the Toronto Star said the piece offered "stark sincerity which packed a wallop and roused many balletomanes from their reveries."