From May 15-17, 1962 the Nancy Lima Dent Dance Theatre presented "the children who wait in the dusk" at the Centre Stage Theatre on Bloor Street. The first half of the performance followed the same storyline as The Many Faces of Man with a few variations. For example, there is a section titled "Man's Anguish" which seems to present symbols of Christianity and Judaism as some kind of final sacrifice. Part Two of the work is called "The Human Voice, The Folk Sound" combining poetry with movement. Actors Brian Petchey, Joyce Campion and Vivian Smith Rae recited selections of poetry by Canadians such as Pauline Johnson, Archibald Lampman, Irving Layton, Robert Service and Earle Birney. The dominant themes in this collection of poetry are Canadian geography/nature (typical in the pastorale poems of 19th-century Canada) and war (or anti-war). Love, censorship and anti-Americanism are also addressed. The "scale sequence" from the end of The Many Faces of Man seems to have been placed after "The Human Voice, The Folk Sound" section of "the children who wait in the dusk" in a section called "Finale--Man in the Balance".