The Man leaps onto the ramp anxious to combat the threatening shadow who represents the evil of man -- war and death. The flashing, chaotic light sequence stops abruptly and a single spotlight shines on the Woman and other humans as they plead with the Man to return to them. They hold the child up to him and the Man ends his battle with the evil figure. The humans, carrying the child, travel downstage and place the child on a scale. The elements swirl into motion and amass around the death figure as he makes his way "like a bird of prey" to the other side of the scale. With the two figures on either end, the balance of the scale tips back and forth while a figure ascends the ramp stopping at the top and, standing tall, holds his arms straight out to the sides at shoulder height. The lights dim as the silhouettes of life and death continue their up and down motion on the scales.