Yone Kvietys and Bianca Rogge teamed up with other modern dancers to present a third festival in 1963. This last festival was called the Canadian Modern Dance Festival and featured Montreal's Birouté Nagys, Hamilton's Freda Crisp, Vancouver's Norbert Vesak and Toronto's Ruth Tutti Lau in addition to Kvietys and Rogge. Nancy had been involved in the initial organization when a letter was sent from David Andrews, Executive Director of the Young Men's/Young Women's Hebrew Association of Toronto, requesting help. At some point there was a disagreement over venue and Nancy ended her participation. Again a two-day festival, it featured a showcase of the groups on March 16 in a rather marathon-like performance according to the press. On the morning of March 17 there was an adjudication of the previous night's performance by American dance critic Walter Sorell. At 2:00 p.m. Canadian dancer Alexander MacDougall led a lecture-demonstration, "Modern Dance In Education", and that evening Sorell gave a lecture titled "Modern Dance--A Search For Individuality".