Hagisavas, Janet (VF: 148.2009-0-1)
Dancer; researcher; teacher
Videotape: “Cecchetti’s enduring concepts relative to modern and classical dance” and accompanying booklet 2000

Hague, Joyce (Williams) (VF: 149.2009-0-1)
Born: 1909, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Dancer; teacher; founder Joyce Hague Dance Studio
Newspaper clippings (PC); house programs (O&PC); photographs (O&PC); personal correspondence; oral history

Halifax (VF: 151.2009-0-1)
Articles regarding radio personality Hugh Mills aka ‘Uncle Mel’ 1930s-1950s (PC); Halifax-Dartmouth City Directories dance listings 1934; house programs for Maritime Conservatory of Music (O&PC); photographs (PC); biographical notes regarding Jury Gothshalks, Elizabeth Ross (Monies); Yellow Pages dance listings 1990s; “What is Choreography?” pamphlet by Irene Apinée and Jury Gotshalks; various newspaper clippings regarding Halifax Conservatory of Music 1950s; house programs for Halifax Conservatory recitals under the direction of Irene Apinée and Jury Gotshalks 1948-1954; promotional booklet for Maritime Conservatory of Music Ballet Department; correspondence regarding ENCORE! ENCORE! Reconstruction project

ETDC/EDTC: “Irene Apinée” by Vincent Warren; “Hylda Davies” by Pat Richards; “Leica Hardy” by Christopher Majka; “Marial Mosher” by Pat Richards; “Gwen Noah” by Christopher Majka; “Marguerite Redden” by Pat Richards; “Pat Richards” by Christopher Majka; “Jeanne Robinson” by Elissa Barnard; “Ruth Tully” by Pat Richards
Canadian Dance: Visions and Stories: “Dance and the Outsiders: Ballet and Modern Dance Companies in Nova Scotia” by Pat Richards

Issues 16, 31, 66

Hall, Fernau (VF: 614.2014-0-1 through 614.2014-0-4)
Manuscript: “Antony Tudor: His Art and Life” by Ferneau Hall

Hamilton Public Library Board (VF: 152.2009-0-1)
Regarding Hamilton Ballet Company: newspaper clippings an photographs 1948

Hancox, Amanda (RR: D21)
Dancer with Les Feux-Follets; actress; executive director of the Dancer Transition Resource Centre

Harbourfront Centre (OAR: 012.2008-0-1 through 012.2008-0-42;VF: 012.2008-0-43;)
Toronto-based presenting organization and venue
Videotapes; publicity materials and season brochures; photos (E); house programs

Harkness Ballet (VF: 574.2013-0-1)
American ballet company founded by Rebekah Harkness (1964-1974)
Two photographs

Harper, Bernice (VF: 153.2009-0-1)
Born: 1910, Hamilton, Ontario; Died: 1997, London, Ontario
RAD teacher and examiner in Southwestern Ontario; second Canadian to receive RAD Fellowship; founder/director of School of Dancing (London and Sarnia)
Biographical notes; photo of Harper (O); newspaper clippings regarding London Little Theatre, Harper and her school 1940s (PC); brochure for summer school; flyer for studio dedication ceremony June 1997; notecard
See also Wendy Reid

Harrington, Rex (VF: 155.2009-0-1)
Born: October 30, 1962, Peterborough, Ontario
Principal dancer with National Ballet of Canada
Newspaper clipping regarding last season with National Ballet of Canada 2003 (O)

ETDC/EDTC: “Rex Harrington” by Penelope Reed Doob

Harris, Dorothy (VF: 156.2009-0-1)
Dancer; teacher; choreographer; director of Orchesis Modern Dance Club at University of Alberta
Personal correspondence; media release for Orchesis thirty-fifth anniversary season (O); invitation for a tribute to Dorothy Harris (1989)

Canadian Dance: Visions and Stories: “Stories of Dancing Women in Alberta” by Anne Flynn

Issue 50

Harris, Joey/Ivan Demidoff (VF: 524.2013-0-2)
Born: October 23, 1927, Windsor, Ontario; Died: March 30, 2014, Palm Springs, California
Dancer; choreographer; teacher
Donated by Donald Hewitt
Biography; photographs (O); obituary

Hart, Evelyn (VF: 157.2009-0-1)
Born: April 4, 1956, Toronto, Ontario
Principal dancer with Royal Winnipeg Ballet
Photographs of Hart in rehearsal with Galina Yordinova, in performance and promotional c. 2000; various media releases regarding Hart’s departure from Royal Winnipeg Ballet

ETDC/EDTC: “Evelyn Hart” by Max Wyman

Issue 52

Hart, Flossie (OAR)
Astrological and self help-booklets; brochures and pamphlets; house programs from Flint, Michigan and Toronto 1930-1940s primarily for music concert performances

Harwood, Andrew (VF: 575.2013-0-1)
Born: December 1, 1951, Montreal, Quebec
Dancer; choreographer; artistic directorNewsletter regarding AH HA Productions Winter Intensive 2004

ETDC/EDTC: “Andrew Harwood” by Philip Szporer

Harwood, Vanessa (VF: 158.2009-0-1)
Born: June 14, 1947, Cheltenham, England
Dancer; artistic director; teacher; photographer; principal dancer with National Ballet of Canada
House program for National Ballet School Workshop 1962 (O); Balletopics magazine (1966) (O); Troisieme Position – National Ballet School student publication 1964 (O); publicity postcard for an exhibit of Harwood’s photographs 2001 (O)

ETDC/EDTC: “Vanessa Harwood” by Graham Jackson

Hawe, Reg (VF: 159.2009-0-1)
Born: 1924; Died: 1993
Dancer; teacher; choreographer
Photographs (O); eulogy (PC); memorial tribute; Dance Saskatchewan’s Footnotes publication 1993 (O)

Hayden, Melissa (Mildred Herman) (VF: 160.2009-0-1)
Born: April 25, 1923, Toronto, Ontario; Died: August 8, 2006, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Dancer; studied with Boris Volkoff; dancer with New York City Ballet
Photograph (O); obituary

Hayes, Doreen (VF: 576.2013-0-1)
Newspaper clipping regarding Doreen Hayes

Heiden, Heino (VF: 161.2009-0-1)
Born: October 6, 1923, Barmen (now Wuppertal), Germany; Died: June 23, 2013, Bad Schwartau, Germany
Dancer; choreographer; based in Vancouver then Montreal; participated in Canadian Ballet Festivals
Biography of Peter Flinsch (Heiden’s partner) in which Heiden is mentioned

Heller, Jeanette (VF: 162.2009-0-1)
Born: 1911, Paris, Ontario; Died: October 16, 2008, Toronto, Ontario
Dancer with Radio City Rockettes
Correspondence between Heller and DCD containing biographical notes regarding Gail Grant; souvenir program for Ballet Caravan c. 1930s; resume for Heller; newspaper clippings (O&PC); biographical notes; photographs of Dimtiri Vladmiroff & Edna Liggitt, Gail Grant; magazines: The Dancing Times, October, 1953, contains a letter to the editor from Joy Camden (O); Dance, June 1937, November 1937, December 1937, September 1938, October 1938; The American Dancer, September 1936, February 1937, April 1937; Dance Teacher Now, May 1989; obituary

Hepburn, Barbara (VF: 128.2009-0-1; RR: D35)
Born: 1918, Toronto, Ontario; Died: Oakville, Ontario
Student of Jean Macpherson, 1920s; performer with Toronto Children Players, 1930s
Photographs of Jean Macpherson’s students, c. 1927 (E), Children Players production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 1932 (O)

Hempel, Freida (VF: 577.2013-0-1)
House program 1925

Henderson, Ame (VF: 578.2013-0-1)
Dancer; choreographer
Publicity card for Manual for Incidence 2005

Hewitt, Donald (VF: 524.2013-0-1)
Born: Portland, Oregon
Dancer; teacher
Newspaper article on Donald Hewitt; newspaper clippings (laser copied & PC); publicity card for The Dance History Project of Southern California

Himes, Donald (VF: 229.2012-0-1)
Born: August 25, 1930, Galt, Ontario; Died: January 3, 2011
Musician; teacher
Obituaries; programs from memorial service

Hoban Wilde, Anne (VF: 163.2009-0-1)
Student and dancer with Norbert Vesak’s New Dance World Studios and Canadian Dance Tapestry, Nesta Toumine’s Ballet Imperial of Canada, Banff Festival Touring Company, Les Feux-Follets, Bianca Rogge Modern and Interpretive Company, Marijan Bayer Dancers and independent liturgical dance concerts; artist-teacher in the York Region District School Board, Ontario
Biography; CV; Rogge and Vesak house programs (O); photo of Vesak ballet (O); issue of Canadian Dance World Magazine (O), Banff School of Fine Arts course calendars (E); house programs (E); photographs (E); poster for the Ecstasy of Rita Joe (E)

Issue 62

Hoff, Peter (IAR)
See Elaine Bowman

Holmes, Anna-Marie (VF: 164.2009-0-1)
Born: 1943, Vancouver, British Columbia
Dancer; teacher; artistic director of Boston Ballet; co-founder of Dance Costa Do Sol in Lisbon, subject of National Film Board films with former husband David Holmes
Biography; CV; personal correspondence; photographs (O)

ETDC/EDTC: “Anna-Marie Holmes” by Leland Windreich

Issues 33, 62

Holy Body Tattoo, The (VF: 579.2013-0-1)
Vancouver-based company founded by Noam Gagnon and Dana Gringas (1992)
Dance Documenta booklet on The Holy Body Tattoo written by Nancy Shaw; house programs for Circa 2000 and Our Brief Eternity 2005

Horn, Sylvia (OS: 165.2009-1-1, 165.2009-1-2,165.2009-1-3)
Born: Port Arthur, Ontario; Died: January 25, 2005, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Teacher; founder Sylvia Horn School of Dance and Baton
Photographs, newspaper clippings, house programs, business cards, certificates, flyers (O)

Issue 59

Huggins, Julie-Anne (IAR)
Dancer; choreographer; researcher
Manuscripts: “Tini Pel: A Pionéer of Dance in Northern Ontario” and “earthdancers: a philosophy”; videotape: “Tini Pel Dancer: Denise Vitali”; oral histories with Professor Brian Atkin regarding Tini Pel and with Tini and Henk Pel; newspaper clippings; school brochures; house programs; biographical notes; artist-in-residence reflection written by Nancy Lima Dent regarding Tini and Henk Pel and The Arts Guild Dancers/The Nickel Belt Ballet Company; newspaper clippings (PC) regarding local dance and touring dance in Sudbury, Ontario, including: Ontario Folklorists, Gauvreau School of Fine Art, Ida Sauve, Nancy Lima Dent, Barbara Cook, Mine Mill Hall Dance School and Garson Community Dance School; Royal Winnipeg Ballet in Sudbury 1950s-1980s; Festival of Nations performances 1954; various dance artists/companies performing in Sudbury including Yoné Kvietys, Willy Blok Hanson, National Ballet of Canada, Les Ballets Jazz, The Mini-Bolshoi, Pavlychenko Folklorique Ensemble of Saskatoon, Paula Moreno Spanish Dance Company; house programs for the Mine Mill Dance School Recital 1959 (PC); Sudbury Directory dance listings 1936-1990

Hunt, Jean (Hart)/Kira Bounina (VF: 166.2009-0-1)
Dancer; student of June Roper and performed in Roper’s Stars of Tomorrow; dancer with Colonel de Basil’s Ballets Russes; studied with Balanchine
Photographs of Hart c. 1940s (O)

June Roper: Ballet Starmaker by Leland Windreich

Hunter, Basil (IAR; RR: C2)
Born: Winnipeg
Musician; composer; composed for Kay Armstrong
Music scores for
Pacific Rhapsody, Bride Ship, Flight of the Hummingbird, Cosmic Serenade, Chopiana, (O&PC); audio recordings of Pacific Rhapsody and an excerpt from Bride Ship; photographs of Hunter, Stuart McKay (O&PC&EC); biographical notes; house programs for various performances 1940s (O&PC); newspaper clippings regarding Hunter’s collaborations with various Vancouver dance productions and with Kay Armstong,1950s (O&PC); sketches by Stuart McKay; scrapbooks (O); souvenir program for Kismit, Theatre Under the Stars, 1960; correspondence with DCD

ETDC/EDTC: Hunter, Basil, under “Music for Dance” by Michael Baker

Hutchinson, Jean (Morcom) (VF: 167.2009-0-1)
Born: Toronto
Dancer with Volkoff at 1936 Berlin Olympic Tanzwettspiele
Correspondence, oral history, program (PC)

IDAC (Independent Dance Artists Collective) (VF: 571.2013-0-1)
House program for “Side [a]ffects” 2007

Ivanochko, Sasha (VF: 580.2013-0-1)
Dancer; choreographer; teacher; founder of blackandblue dance projects (2005)
Publicity poster; house program for The Future Memory Hearbreak Junction, Diptych 2010

Ivings, Jacqueline (Makley) (VF: 168.2009-0-1; RR: 168.2009-C1-2)
Dancer with National Ballet of Canada 1950s
House programs for National Ballet of Canada: Toronto 1953, Buffalo 1954, Montreal 1957 & 1958, Kiwanis International Festival 1960, San Francisco 1965; house programs for BC School of Dancing: Christmas Fantasy 1952, Stars of ’53, performance at Royal Victoria Theatre, Victoria, BC, June 1941(O); handmade greeting cards with sketches by Kay Ambrose (O); costume sketch for Sleeping Princess by Kay Ambrose 1947; correspondence

Jackson, Graham (VF: 597.2014-0-1)
The Flames of Terpsichore Vol 1. Issue 1: “My Son is Not Taking Dance Classes” (comic by Graham Jackson)

Issues (writing by Graham Jackson) 27, 37, 60

Jamieson, Karen (VF)
Born: July 10, 1946, Vancouver, British Columbia
Dancer; choreographer; artistic director; co-founded Terminal City Dance (1976); founded Karen Jamieson Dance (1983)
Publicity materials regarding Sisyphus remount 2008; photographs (O&E)

ETDC/EDTC: “Karen Jamieson” by Kaija Pepper

Issues 51, 55, 65

Jarvis, Judy (RR; OS)
Born: June 5, 1942, Ottawa, Ontario; Died: November 1, 1986, Toronto, Ontario
Choreographer; dancer; artistic director; teacher
Complete collection of personal papers and effects: corporate files; scripts; audiotape interviews with Mary Wigman; film footage of various performances; videotapes; slides; phonographs; photographs; costumes; props and masks; posters; house programs; flyers; artwork and paintings

ETDC/EDTC: “Judy Jarvis” by Carol Anderson
Judy Jarvis: A Portrait by Carol Anderson (no longer in print but available for viewing in the DCD Research Room)

Issues 13, 16, 23, 32, 35, 58

ENCORE! ENCORE! Exhibition: “Judy Jarvis” curated by Pamela Grundy

Jarvis, Lilian (VF: 170.2009-0-1)
Born: March 25, 1931, Toronto, Ontario
Dancer with Volkoff Canadian Ballet and National Ballet of Canada (charter member); studied with Mildred Wickson
House program for Ballet Workshop, Mercury Theatre, Illinois 1951; oral history

ETDC/EDTC: “Lilian Jarvis” by Carol Anderson

Jeanes Antze, Rosemary (VF: 314.2013-0-1)
Research on Nesta Toumine (list of names associated with Toumine; excerpt from The One and Only by Jack Anderson; list of films of Toumine’s work; transcripts from interviews conducted with Nesta Toumine in 1983 by Rosemary Jeanes Antze and Lauretta Thistle)

Joffre, Denis (RR: D40, C1; OS: 207.2012-1-1 through 207.2012-4-81)
Born: Ottawa, Ontario
Dancer; costume designer
House and souvenir programs; photographs; negatives; publicity materials; sketches and designs; fabric samples; newspaper clippings (O&PC); production information; correspondence; administrative records

Johnson, Pamela (RR)
Dissertation: Kinesthetic Awareness: A Survey of Issues 1986

Jones, Shirley (Westlake) (VF: 376.2013-0-1)
Dancer with the Victory Chorus among others, Toronto, 1940s
Newspaper clippings (PC); photographs (PC); personal correspondence

Jordan, Kelly (OS; RR: C1)
House and souvenir programs; photographs; National Ballet of Canada information package; posters; Nutcracker colouring book; pointe shoes signed by Roderick Johnson, Celia Franca, Deborah Washington, Betsy Carson

Just Off Stage Project (VF)
Correspondence; publication agreements; article (PC); copy of Iro Tembeck’s presentation on Maurice Lacasse Morenoff for the CORD conference; photos (PC)




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