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Summer Fundraising Campaign - Costume Storage Upgrades

combopicfortiertennantDance Collection Danse cares for an amazing, one-of-a-kind costume collection containing more than 400 items dating from 1906 to the early 2000s. We also manage a growing poster collection that now exceeds 1500. Costumes are a unique aspect of our dance heritage and many of these are the only ones in existence such as Maud Allan’s Vision of Salomé costume, Veronica Tennant’s Juliet dress from John Cranko’s Romeo and Juliet, and Paul-André Fortier’s La Fête secrète tutu. And the posters not only record dance events of the last century but also illustrate trends in graphic design over the decades. Costumes and posters are key aspects of our design heritage as well as our dance history.

The storage systems for these precious materials desperately require an upgrade. We need your help to buy new sturdy costume racks, materials for creating padded hangers, and a poster cabinet. The existing racks have not held up to the weight of our costumes, many of which use heavy upholstery fabrics and often consist of floor-length dresses. Our bulging poster drawer does a great job but he’s stuffed and needs a friend.

Our goal is to raise $12,000
for costume and poster storage upgrades

You can donate through Canada Helps

OR send a cheque to
Dance Collection Danse
1303-2 Carlton St.,
Toronto, ON M5J 1B3

Thank-You for your support!


Photo Credits: First, Paul-André Fortier in Denis Lavoie's La Fête secrète (1987) photo by Cylla von Tiedemann;
Second, Veronica Tennant, C.C. in John Cranko's Romeo and Juliet, photo by David Street

Banner Photos: Irene Apinée's tutu from Swan Lake, c. 1950; Paul André Fortier (see above caption); Maud Allan in her costume for Vision of Salomé, postcard c. 1908; Veronica Tennant, C.C. (see above captions); Blanche Lund in a touring floor show costume, c. 1950; Daniel Soulières in a 2004 remount of Jean-Pierre Perreault's Joe; Mask worn in Boris Volkoff's Mala, 1936; Alex Perieima's costume worn in Gérald Crevier's Veillée d'armes, 1950


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