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Call for Proposals
Miriam Adams Exploration Bursary

Deadline: August 26, 2022

“For Toronto, 15 Dance Lab was a solid beginning to another way of thinking. If you want to dance, you have to create your own environment and make something happen. Some of the work at 15 was god-awful and some of it was fantastic. You often don’t know what you’re doing. You just know you’re doing it.” Miriam Adams (1975)

Miriam Adams, C.M., (co-founder of Dance Collection Danse and 15 Dance Lab) has a history of supporting work that breaks through conventional barriers. From the early days of 15 Dance Lab, Lawrence and Miriam Adams created a space that welcomed all and laid the foundation for what would become Toronto’s independent dance scene.

The work was eclectic, diverse, risky, and investigative, inviting dynamic new voices to explore without traditional rules or restrictions.

In the spirit of 15 Dance Lab and Adams’s own work, the Bursary is supported by William J. S. Boyle and offers emerging professional artists an opportunity to train, research, and investigate, with a financial commitment to help ease the burden of advancing their professional career.

The recipient of the Miriam Adams Exploration Bursary will be announced at the 2022 Dance Collection Danse Hall of Fame on Sunday, October 2, 2022.

This bursary is not for students or recent graduates who have
not embarked on a professional career.

The Bursary of $5,000 covers expenses for one year, beginning upon the candidate’s receipt of funds towards, for example:

  • Further education or training for an artist who has demonstrated a commitment to a professional dance career (company member, independent artist who has performed professionally in at least 3 productions)
  • Concentrated study with a specialized mentor
  • Examination of a particular area of interest related to dance

The application process:

  • Prepare a video no longer than 2 minutes in length telling us about yourself and how you would use the $5,000 to further your training exploration. A mobile phone quality file would be fine.
  • In a written statement of no more than 200 words, explain how your program would serve your development and align with the Bursary’s exploratory objectives.
  • Send your bio - including up to 3 video samples of you in performance with links to YouTube or Vimeo.

Send your application material by WeTransfer to with the subject line “Miriam Adams Exploration Bursary”. Application deadline is August 26, 2022 at 11:59pm (PDT).


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