In its search for participants, the Canadian Ballet Associates, a group formed following the 1948 festival, sent letters to many dance groups and teachers outlining the requirements for participation. Item #4 indicates that the festival organizers were aware of the effect immigration was having on the dance community. Festival participants did not have to be Canadian citizens, they only had to be working in Canada. Please note that the term "Ballet" as used below refers to choreography in general and not only the ballet idiom.

The Festival's Entrance Standards were:

  • The length of time which a group has been organized shall have no bearing on the acceptance or refusal of the application.
  • The group shall consist of not less than twelve, not more than twenty-five.
    Note - Less than twelve members from a group may be used in a number, provided that the same group also presents a complete Ballet, using no less than twelve.
  • Each group shall be prepared to dance three Ballets, or two Ballets and repeat one.
  • Participants need not be of Canadian birth or citizenship, provided that they do not come to Canada solely to participate in the Festival.
  • The length of each Ballet shall be a minimum of fifteen minutes, a maximum of twenty-five minutes, or a reasonable approximation of those times at the discretion of the Programme Committee.